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What do you think about wearing Randolph Engineering/AO Pilots as RX-glasses? I already wear them as a pair of sunglasses but I don't know if its foolish to use as eyeglasses. I was interested in the Oliver Peoples Soloist wire frames until I saw the pricetag and was considered others that in the same-ish area.
Is it ridiculous to think any these navy blazers from the suits could be used as a sportcoat w/ chinos?
Im attending a college formal thats a little relaxed so a tux isn't necessary.  I was planning on going with a solid navy suit, the only place i'm gonna be able to shop at is Dillards because I have credit there, I have about 300$ cash and 300$ Dillards credit.  I went today to try on suits and I knew what fit well but I really didn't know what was quality and what wasnt.  My question is what brands are acceptable and what should I be looking for in a suits that are...
Do you have any experience with the fits of H&M coats?? They are definitely a good amount cheaper than the jcrew.
Thank you so much for the info, I know its annoying when people come in here just demanding answers without doing research. Im liking the jcrew because i needed that slim fit, do you have any experience with the fits on those brands?
Any info on sportcoats would be appreciated.
This is a very nice sportcoat but I have a 100-200$ range.  Besides thrifting is this type of coat offered in that pricerange??   Sorry bad link
Is this the wrong section for advice?
Im new here, is the wrong category for advice?
Im attending a semi-formal thats western themed.  I would be wearing a flannel shirt like this   and denim.  I was wondering what type of shoes besides boots could I wear and what kind of sportcoat is acceptable?  Thanks guys
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