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I'm going to begin this response with my story, because I identify with your situation. Feel free to PM me to discuss further. I graduated from engineering (computer systems) at the end of 2005, and started working as a network engineer for a telecommunications company. I was barely above a pass - my GPA was 4.1 on a 7 scale, but I always thought I was better at seeing the "big picture" compared to some of the brainier guys. I worked as an engineer for almost 2 years,...
If you want to start "a business", doing "consulting", and your business objective involves winning Defence contracts, I'd say organise a logo is the least of your worries right now. GIve us some detail. What sort of consulting? What's your professional network like right now? Who will your first customers be? What's your business development strategy to win your first pieces of work?
Gen Y in IT bizzo checking in. Unfortunately you've deleted your original post, but the time spent writing it was most likely wasted compared to improving your skills so that you can be more employable. From your follow-up posts, it appears you're currently in an internship and feel you're not properly compensated for your efforts. Nobody wants to hire a sadsack who thinks life should be handed to them on a silver platter. You're in one of the most buoyant industries...
You guys are getting ripped off, come to the Cabaret Club in Brisbane, $5 per dance which includes touching boobs/ass. If it's too early for strippers go to the Grosvener hotel which has $5 hamburgers/steaks and topless waitresses. This is no low-budget slapper fest either, the girls are good sorts. If you want to become financially successful, it's important to find low cost ways of having a good time.
The fact that you've been able to track your spending to the dollar and save 30% of your income is admirable. You said your rent is spiking significantly. Have you done the numbers on buying a home? Depending on the market and interest rates, your repayments might be less than rent. I would caution you against dabbling in any kind of futures/forex type investment (including large investments in precious metals). Speculating on something you're not an expert on in the...
Hold on I need more details on why somebody with electricity and internet access thinks life is so fucked
Definitely try 3 penis wine. It's got some balls, but not enough for you to notice.
For those apprehensive about joining us, when I first started lunching with the Brisbane gang I wore aquila shoes and $30 Pelaco shirts. Don't be concerned with what you've got in the wardrobe, style is Kaizen, a continuous state of improvement.
We should check out Harajuku Gyoza (on brunswick st) when it opens.
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