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Final update on this...   Without a Trace did an incredible job (the picture speaks for itself) and should now consider me a customer for life.  
UPDATE on this - sent the jacket off to Without a Trace in Chicago (after combing through a number of posts recommending their work). They pulled the patch off and confirmed the initial damage was not so substantial as to require overweaving. Their french weaver is going to go to work on it and I'll post a final update with a pics when it returns. 
Thanks for the help.
I'm in need of some advice/direction with respect to a Brooks Brothers sport coat.   I've come across a new Brooks Brothers jacket on offer but have been unable to determine the quality and construction based on the label. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts.    
I recently had some reweaving (technically over weaving I believe) done on a wool navy sports coat which had sustained a small (pencil eraser sized) tear to the upper part of the left arm sleeve. I've never had this type of work done, and in fairness I may have had unreasonably high expectations giving some results pictures I had seen here and on other forums, but I feel somewhat less than satisfied with the results (poor quality picture included). My questions are: 1) is...
I would also accept a Charles Tyrwhitt gift card or merchandise credit of equivalent value as that is all I am after ultimately.
No, not expressly at least. General consensus in these pages seems to be that the groomsmen needn't (and indeed shouldn't) match as Ken dolls adorned with the chosen accessories of the bride. Instead the groom and his men should endeavor to dress as individuals, albeit within the sartorial confines of solemn tradition and befitting the occasion. I agree with this, at least in principle. The only problem is I have only been able to find about four different patterns of...
Yeah I hear you. I rather like Kent's stuff. The issue is the cumulative impact on my wallet of not only the tie, but also the cuff links I'm going to be doling out to these guys.
On the Subject of Wedding Ties   I'm looking to piece together a collection of wedding ties, one for me, one for each of my groomsmen, and one each for the father of the bride and my father. In pursuit of this end I have a couple of questions I could use some direction in answering...   1) What options for wedding ties (if any) exist in the chasm between Kent Wang/Drake's and Specifically I'm looking for something in the $50/tie...
That's Bombay Company - They have a number of other suitable alternatives as well.
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