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Found 2 ties today. Robert Talbott Best of Class on the left and Gorgio Armani Cravatte.             [[SPOILER]]
Hi All, I just acquired two hats and upon receiving them, I realized that the brims are a little wide for my taste. Is there any way the brim could be made more narrow and if so, who would be the appropriate person to do this. I looked through the search function and couldn't find anything thing like this, but my apologies if this has already been answered. Thanks for your help, Regards, Cufflinks28
I'm also a hat person and I love the hats you have. Especially the first one!!
A wimpy 15.... I only started reading today.
Found a Bugatchi Uomo dress shirt with interesting buttons that I like. Just tagged as a "L," so the neck will probably be a little too big for me.  On another note, I have started reading this thread from page 1 and have gotten to page 36. 
guilty...I thought I'd see some interesting reply posts.
Went to one of my regular stores today on sale day! Looks like everything had been picked out already except for this Christian Dior tie. Fabric woven in Italy! Available is anybody wants it.       [[SPOILER]]  
Picked up these two ties today. Robert Talbott on the left and Hickey-Freeman on the right. Robert Talbott looks to have been made in England. I'm keeping the Talbott, but the HF is Available.     [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  
Left this at a VV today. Weird...I thought only Tuxes had shawl lapels!
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