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Very good point.
I'm getting married soon and have purchased all necessary items but am hung-up on finding the perfect shirt.  What I'm looking for is simply a spread collar, hidden button, plain front, french cuff, slim-fit shirt.  I didn't think this would be a difficult request, but I can't find it anywhere!  Think Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.  I know his is all MTM Brioni.    
Banana Republic slim-fit shirts are a staple in my wardrobe.  I always have about five on hand -- mostly white, but they come in several colors and patterns.  At only $60 each, I can pit them out or otherwise destroy them and just keep buying more.  They have sales all the time -- often 40% off.  Compared to other mall brands, I think BR is the best quality.  For higher quality slim-fit shirts, Prada always fits me perfectly in a 15.5/39.  I love their super fine poplin,...
Manton's book at first looked like a funny take on The Prince.  Then I read he wrote speeches for actual evil fascists like George W. Bush and Condi Rice.  Now I think it would be just creepy to read.
I'll take a picture soon but am currently away on vacation.  I have seen a few on Ebay.  Dior Homme Spring 2011 is my favorite collection post-Hedi Slimane.   Lonneker, thanks, but Jacob already answered my question.  
No problem.  Who is Mantone?  Some sort of dogma?   I've never been too concerned about a tough crowd -- especially a digital one!  
What is "-1."?
I am a real estate agent.  Reading all the negative comments about Realtors, it is true; there are too many people in the business who shouldn't be.  I adapt to each different client.  That includes how I work with them as well as the way I dress.  Some people are more comfortable with a casually dressed agent, while others expect a suit at all times.  However, no one will ever not hire you because you are dressed too well.  
The sleeve length looks about right.  Maybe just need a different shirt to show some cuff.  I like about 1/2" of cuff showing.  1/4" is perfect but difficult to obtain.    Length is somewhat a matter of personal preference.  I usually go for a jacket that doesn't go below the bottom of the pants crotch, usually in line with it. 
  Just purchased this white, shawl collar, deep v neck shirt from Dior Homme in Paris.  Looks great with a suit and is a refreshing alternative to normal button-downs.
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