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 No one said that these were too long, just that Choc's weren't too short.  I think this is more of a personal preference e.g. full break, little break, or no break on pants.  
^ I think this would be outstanding with a different shirt and pocket square.  I actually don't mind the shirt so much, but I think a different square would have been better.  Either one that was a closer orange to the shirt or maybe just this one worn with a puff fold instead of the tv fold.  
They do make longer gloves that cover well beyond the wrist.  Not a real problem.  An overcoat is still functional if it has short sleeves.  It keeps the body warm.  We don't carry that much warmth in our wrist anyway.  
Last Saturday.  Getting into the holiday spirit.      [[SPOILER]]
Sunday.  New navy cords.  Cashmere socks    [[SPOILER]]
Friday last week.  Parent-Teacher Conferences day 2. New cords from Charles Tyrwhitt.    [[SPOILER]]
Thursday last week. Parent-Teacher Conferences. [[SPOILER]]
^ I like this, but think there is too much contrast with the pants. I like high rise pants, but not how long the tie is.
That's disappointing.  I do like a good, sharp, well composed photo just like the next man, but I'd hope that thumbs are given or not given based on style.  You know because it's Style Forum.  Not that I like MrVenneri's outfit or dislike UC's.  Flying Monkey typically has terrible photos, but great fits.  It's unfortunate to think he's not getting thumbs because of photography.  Even though it may be true.  
Wednesday of last week.  I meant to enter this into the Friday challenge, but I got busy.  Not that it stood a chance.       [[SPOILER]]
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