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I have a tie in the exact same pattern as the socks.  I made a conscious effort not to wear it today.  Odds are pretty high that I will in the future though.  
First day back at school, 1st go at the yellow tie challenge, 9 year wedding anniversary, and just got my 20,000th follower on my blog.  A good day.  Level of excitement not necessarily in that order.    Thoughts, if any, on the socks.            
Yes.  They're denim trousers, not 5-pocket.  
Late, but this is my train wreck entry.      
We drove from Salem, MA to NYC today.  This is what I wore.  If I were staying in all day, I wouldn't wear this.  I rock a pair of black watch room shoes from Uniqlo.  Still working on the black watch pjs and robe though.
 Agreed.  I wore this on the way home.  I only had two clean shirts left.  I think this was the better choice.    This is the cheapest shirt like this I could find at $55.  It could be slimmer in the waist though.   http://www.shopspectre.com/collections/just-in/products/slim-fit-shirts-denim-cutaway-dress-shirt
We love Grotto. It does not disappoint. I saw some lovely things at the Polo store, but passed. Headed back to NY today.Thanks. They're from Uniqlo.
New Posts  All Forums: