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A little sumin, sumin.      
I'm not holding much, but I do have a little something, something.  
My bad.  I rather liked your outfit by the way.  Definitely would have gotten my vote.  
It cooled down and rained yesterday so I got a chance to wear this jacket.  New to me from eBay.  PRL triple patch pleated pocket.  If only the back was belted.       [[SPOILER]]
^ Yeah. I think it's an Australian thing.
^ Maybe b/c he's wearing a suit. Check the rules.
x-post from the challenge.  School's out for summer.  From yesterday i.e. the last day of school.        
Yesterday i.e. the last day of school.  School's out for summer.          
Yeah, I wasn't sure how the khaki pants would work with the yellow shirt.  Next time.  
New Posts  All Forums: