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Came here looking for some Southern Trad. I guess no one's home.
Any size 30 contemporary fit?
I really hope the pendulum swings back to more traditionally fitting garments soon. It's very difficult to find a pair of pants off the rack that aren't tight on me and I'm a slim guy. Time will tell.
Just ordered three new shirts: light blue gresham stripe, navy blue gresham stripe, and green tottenham bengal stripe.  All wide spread collars.  I already own the purple tottenham bengal stripe.  All I need now is a burgundy stripe and I'm all set on bengals.  I'd love to see some wider butcher striped shirts.     [[SPOILER]] Any color will do, but royal or light blue would be outstanding.  
Sleeves could a be a tad shorter, but it looks fantastic.  Love the triple patch pockets and the fabric.  Flannel?  The lapels are a great width.  Not ignorantly wide, but still plenty beefy.  
What's wrong with the shoulders? The left one looks particularly good to me other than it being too wide. Hard to judge the right given the angle and shadow.
That pose though.
I like this jacket a lot more than yesterday's. The shoulders are a bit too wide for you IMO. Like the colors.
I think burgundy or brown solid tie would look nice. Check the product page. Basically that with grey slacks.
Let me start by saying, I like your style in general. If I recall correctly, you lost a good amount of weight some years ago. Many of your jackets look like the chest and waist have been slimmed a great deal to fit your new frame. Is that what happen d with this jacket? The shoulders and sleeves still look quite full however and the jackets are very much on the long side. I'd love to see you in some more recent pieces that fit you better. There's tons of well priced,...
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