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 Congrats, Justin.  You'll have to excuse my ignorance, but are the dollar bills on the ground remnants of the bachelor party?  
Back from the Bronx.    [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, but today will be a departure.  
BB 3/2 roll triple patch sack jacket two times.  I wasn't planning to play, but why not.      
Red grenadine tie.     [[SPOILER]]
Dinner at Daniel for our 10th wedding anniversary.        [[SPOILER]]
It's looking like it's grenadine week for me.         
Thanks.  Yeah, it's a sack jacket.  I mentioned on here having the waist taken in once and I was almost attacked.  
Brooks Brothers tie, shirt, and jacket.       [[SPOILER]]
Disappointed in the fit of this Kamakura shirt.  They "updated" the fit with a box pleat and it's 1 inch bigger in the chest and the armhole is slimmer.        
New Posts  All Forums: