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Yesterday. Polo jacket and tie. Brooks Bros vest and shirt. Purple cashmere knit tie.
Join the ranks of the headless masses. We can see your outfit better and no one has to worry about your mug. Options.
Monday. Brooks Bros camel flannel. .
You sound like AAS on most days.  Stunning suit.  The lapels look great.  Whose the maker?  Is the front darted?  
Superb suit. Great find.
Not crazy about the tie with this suit, but man that suit is awesome. How wide are the lapels? Would love to see a full body at some point.
No they don't. The Made in USA oxfords are $105 if you buy 3. The OCBD that are 4 for $200 are made in Maylasia.
Happy Black (Watch) Friday  [[SPOILER]]
Happy Black (Watch) Friday      
Most tailors can shorten sleeves for around $10 to $15. No luck lengthening. Some of the fabrics don't come back or make it to custom at all. No light blue stripe OCBD in custom. They had an awesome houndstooth that will most likely never come back. Don't count on it.
New Posts  All Forums: