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I really like the double dimple. The Detail Devil on instagram ties a very nice one on a daily basis. Your may be the second person I've seen do it intentionally. I'm thinking of giving it a try.
A couple of observations from some recent post.     1. @A.J.V   @blekit @DiplomaticTies   The gentleman above all have pocket squares in colors that are no where else in their outfits.  Speaking loosely in terms of DT and not all of AJV's fits of course.  Should the pocket square be a "pop" of color of should it highlight other already existing colors in the outfit?   2. @Uunottaja Has some interesting double dimple tie knots in his last four fits.  I've see this...
Thanks.Joe Fresh rain coat, JPress sport coat, PRL scarf, tie, and square, Brooks Brother shirt.
iPad pics from Saturday school. Cool and rainy today.
From Sunday.
Thanks.Appreciate it. I got the cardigan on sale last winter at J. Peterman. Great deal.
A walk in the park.
Breathtaking. If you ever get tired of it let me know.
Thanks.  The jacket is from Bell's Traditional Ltd of Asheville, NC made in England of Dongeal tweed from Ireland.  I got on eBay.    Thanks.  I teach kids.  They keep me young.    I think may recall the one your talking about.  If so, you're very lucky.  I'd recommend navy pants and a roll neck sweater.  
After school special.
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