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Very nice @mossrockss.  I like the jacket a lot.   I took a full body pic at waist level and at chest level.  I'm curious which angle you guys like more.      [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
The jacket was the last thing to go on today.  I actually was unhappy with the variation of texture in the jacket and pants.  I really liked the lack of contrast between the jacket and pants though.  I agree about the shirt being a bit too formal for the jacket, but I'm a fan of the contrast collar shirt.  I'm surprised you like the jacket given how low the gorge is.  
 Quite possibly.  Thanks.   Agreed.  I have a dark brown wool knit, but I think it is too narrow for these lapels.  I also have a darker brown wool herringbone tie.  I picked this one because the lighter brown seemed to be closer in tone with the pants and jacket.  I'll try a darker tie next time.  Thanks for the advice, guys.  
 Thanks.  I got it from the Knottery.  They don't carry this particular colorway anymore.  I have a few of the current ones they sell and can attest to their quality.  I also have several from random eBay sellers.  They've held up well.    
Thrift fit.  Everything, but the shirt, watch and belt.  I picked up two pairs of Carson Street Clothiers pants today in a size 32/30.  I was hoping to have them tailored for me, but I don't think it's worth it.  I'll post pictures later.   Jacket: Daniel CremieuxSport Coat: Barristers for WallachTie: Brooks BrothersVest: Brooks BrothersPants: PoloSocks: PoloShoes: Allen EdmondsScarf and both Pocket Squares: No Name       [[SPOILER]]
Everything is thrifted today except the watch, belt and shirt.      [[SPOILER]]
Oh, sorry about that.  
Thanks.  I've been thrifting off and on over the past few months.  I'm been too busy to post my findings.  I have a lot of stuff I want to get off my hands.  I'll hopefully have some time once school lets out for winter break.  
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