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Grading Calc finals in my cozy cobra cardigan from J. Peterman. I bought another one from JP in gray this weekend. Waiting on the postman.
I find @Sycsyc outfit very similar in feel to Roy Al's fits and slightly reminisciant of yours and non suited Cleav. It's mostly the sport coat that does it for me. I'm not saying this is "older style", but those names came to mind when I saw the fit. I think a different square would have been better. Burgundy would go great with that plaid.
Beautiful tie.  That little extra fabric dimple/wave right under the knot on your left always bothers me.  I never care enough to retie, but I wish it wasn't there.  
Love everything here except the red t-shirt.  The color is doing nothing for the outfit other than clashing with the sweat rusty brown suede.  I really appreciate the non cuffed break on the jeans.  Wish more people did this.  
Country attire.  New to me jacket.  PRL barleycorn 3/2 roll, triple patch pockets, leather buttons, suede elbow patches, lapped seams, throat latch, half belt and action back.  It's a bit on the long side, but what more could I ask for? I think a smaller knot would have been better here.       [[SPOILER]]
Finally got the pants on this J. Press suit hemmed. Sadly no material for a cuff. [[SPOILER]]
FTFY, but I think you had it right the first time.
Yesterday. Neutral zone.
Lovely outfit. Very sharp with outstanding textures. I don't prescribe to the pocket square as a pop of color idea, but to that end this looks more than passable.
Spier and Mackay OCBD are $34 a piece if you buy three or more. Quality shirts with a. Ice collar roll. Highly recommended. I own eight of them.
New Posts  All Forums: