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Day 7: Salem, MA Trolley Tour, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Commons The shirt is purple.
Day 6: Portland, ME Explored Old Port, Lunch at Duck Fat, LL Bean/Outlets in Newport, Dinner at Portland Lobster Co.
Day 5: Portsmouth, NH/Portland, ME Shopping in dowtown, Lunch at River House, Thrifting at Salvation Army, Dinner at Grace in PortlandTrip pickups so far: $12 @ J Crew Grey Wool Herringbone PS (almost perfect match for my pants yesterday), $3 @ Salvation Army Stanley Blacker Grey Camel Hair POW SC (sleeves need to be lengthened) [[SPOILER]]
@ClaghornI would like some new shoes. These are my only pair that do well in the rain. I've ruined a few better pairs in the rain listening to some SF recs that rain won't hurt leather shoes. Lies.@PlinyI guess the problem with loving one pattern is that one tends to acquire necessary pieces in that pattern. I have one watch cap, one umbrella, and one rain jacket.It was cold and rainy yesterday so I needed all three. They just all happen to be black watch. I should...
Road Trip Day 4: Providence, RI Brown University, Lunch at Spike's Junkyard Dog, RI School of Design Museum, Ice Cream at Three Sister's, Dinner at The Dorrance
Road Trip Day 3: Newport, RI mansion tours, cliff walk, ocean drive, grand budapest hotel
On vakay with no jeans. Will watch wreak from the sidelines with the perimedics. Big question on my mind: Is Butler entering the contest? I can't even imagine.
I don't recall any denim and tie fits ever being received well around these parts.  Am I wrong?  I'd like to see some "good" examples.  I feel like everyone gets all Michael Scott when the put on a pair of jeans.  *inset dancing gif*
Thanks.  I'd love to go bag free on vacation, but I'm often asked very nicely to carry a few items for my wife.  There's no way she's going to fit a DSLR and two guide books in her spring purse.  
Road Trip: Day 2 @ Mystic, CT Saw Mystic Seaport, Mystic Aquarium, ate Mystic Pizza
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