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   Thanks, guys.  I wasn't sure about the bow tie here.  I originally had a solid blue bow on with a different square, but I decided to take a risk and switch it up.  I do wish I had left out the lapel flower to be honest.  
Possible FC entry.        [[SPOILER]]
I don't think that word means what you think it means.I think the knot is dwarfed by the lapels. It looks disproportionate. Otherwise it would be fine.
 I have two black watch umbrellas: one stick and one compact.  Neither of them are as nice as this though.    I'll have Mrs. AAS take a look, but I don't think that's any of your business.  
 Game over.  What are you thinking for the next challenge, Shen?
 Thanks.  I'd say at least 6/10.    The jacket is camel hair which is casual, but double breasted so a bit more formal.  I can't call it.  The choice really came down to what was clean in my closet to be honest.    You have no idea how much I want to go to there.  Given the way some people dress/comment, I'm sometimes curious as to what kind of art/music they like.  Are you more Ninja Turtles or Warhol/Basquiat?    Thanks.    Pliniorum.   For the record, here's a picture...
Nice. I have two black watch umbrellas: a stick and a compact.  Neither are as nice as that one though.  
 I really enjoyed Don's most recent fit as well.  Thanks, Stitch.  I agree that the sleeves are a little short on the jacket.  What other fit issues do you have with it?    Thanks.  I have two lights that I use when taking pictures at night.  One of them has been broken for the past two weeks or so.  Today it started working all of a sudden.  Best thing after natural light.  
Thanks for the thumbs yesterday.  Northern lights today.  I wanted to wear a grey sport coat with all of this, but couldn't find one that worked.         [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: