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A not so solid day for me.  All patterns except for the shoes.  Not sure if the pants count.  The belt is black watch.  I should have gone without the tie, but I was trying to get a striped tie in for the challenge.  Too much in hindsight.  Sans tie, this would be my apres ski fit.      [[SPOILER]]   Another what I should have worn aka WISH WornTM.  [[SPOILER]]
That's really quite interesting. I don't do this, but I could see it saving me some anguish in the morning. Does anyone else plan there outfits for the week? Do you iron press/layout stuff or just make mental notes.
You said you don't have any striped ties on the docket this week. Is that to say you don't plan on wearing any more ties this week or you make plans for what you will be wearing for the entire week on Monday? If the latter, interesting.
I go between 1.75 and 2.  I'm 5'9" as well.  
I had a hard time getting dressed this morning.  I didn't intend to wear a tie and wanted to wear my cream cable knit cardigan.  I wanted to wear a vest, these boots, these pants, and these socks as well because it was snowing.  I couldn't get a vest to work with the cardigan so I went with a sport coat and tie instead.  I like the way the textures turned out nonetheless.  OCBD, shetland wool vest, flannel sport coat, wool tie, tweed pants, and wool socks.  Almost done...
Note to self for the next DTO challenge.  
 I like this sweater a lot.  I think a grey tie would have looked better here.     I love the jacket and tie, but the denim shirt is my favorite here.  I think the pocket square is a bit too bright given the darkness of everything else in the top half.    Dang, son.  How you gonna wear a POW three piece and not give us a full body shot?  Suit looks doper than dope.  Deets? 
Still too similar IMO.  Don't take my word for it though.  I probably have more than 10 solid navy blue ties.  
The ties are beautiful, but 5 and 6 look almost identical to me.  
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