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My tennis club, golf club, yacht club and polo club all disagree, but whateves.  I thought this was pretty standard PRL business attire.  Not necessarily SF approved, but it's a thing.  I will most likely still wear it with a jacket (casually tailored for sure) in the future, but only with a knit tie if any tie at all.  Compromise.   
Monday.  New Jacket.  Brooks Brothers 3/2 roll, sack jacket.  $20 on eBay.  I think a different tie would have been better here.  It was college spirit day at school so I wore my cricket sweater.        [[SPOILER]]
 I love seersucker.  I can't wait until it warms up more here in NY.    Thanks for the kind words.  
Saturday.  From linen to flannel.  Out to brunch in the big city.  The sweater is some shade of purple.         
I ironed the collars a bit when I got them, but not the rest of the shirt.  Will wash and report back. 
Great looking jacket. Where's it from?
Pics of my new shirts including the white and blue linen.  The collar roll on the blue linen seems very different than the collar on the white linen.  Love the collar on this purple bengal stripe.  I mentioned a lot of extra fabric at the back of the armpits on my shirts. Here's a pic.     [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for posting. I'm also a black watch tartan lover.  I think the tie is too busy with the pants and the lapels on the jacket are comically large.  The collar points and tie width are comically small in relation to the lapels.  Either up the ante or get some slimmer lapels.  Also, if the pants are rolled over, I'd highly recommend taking them to a tailor for a proper cuff.  Love the pants.  
Yes, that is too small and slim for you IMO.  I also think the shoulders are too wide and the button stance is too high.  I think the jacket could be saved it you can let out the waist a bit and never wore it buttoned.  I think the pants are too tight all around, but could work for a super slim suit look. 
Friday.  Flying back to a cloudy and chilly NY in linen, cotton and shades.  :(        
New Posts  All Forums: