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Given these levels, I'm curious about how a particular human would place themselves vs where other humans would place them.  You mentioned some people who may be in stage 7.  Who would you consider to be in level 4, 5 or 6 from the current WAYWRN crew.  
You could pack your tailored clothes and change when you got to the office or keep a travel iron at your desk.  I usually wear dark pants when it rains so if they do get wet it doesn't show as much.  
Nice.  I heard about that pocket square issue in the SS thread.  That seams really strange.  
Great suit.  Where from?
Great challenge.  I just got home from vacation yesterday.  I would have loved to participate.  
A little sumin, sumin.      
I'm not holding much, but I do have a little something, something.  
My bad.  I rather liked your outfit by the way.  Definitely would have gotten my vote.  
It cooled down and rained yesterday so I got a chance to wear this jacket.  New to me from eBay.  PRL triple patch pleated pocket.  If only the back was belted.       [[SPOILER]]
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