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I'm wearing the linen/cotton wide spread with a tie today.   It looks really great with a tie under a jacket as well.  I also like it unbuttoned with no jacket, but it may be an extreme look for some.  Pics later.  
^ I like most of the pieces, but I don't like any of these things together.  The stripes on the shirt clash with the stripes on the jacket.  The gray jacket and pants are at odd with the pastels in the shirt.  The brown shoes and belt don't blend well with the gray either.  I think black shoes and belt would have been better.  
I just got the pale pink linen.  I think it's about as transparent as my other 100% linen shirts from S&M.  Par for most linen if not better IMO.  Also at last, the pink linen has a absolutely boss collar roll.  I'm convinced that my white and blue linens are pretty much defective in comparison.  I also picked up the linen/cottons in solid white and solid blue.  It's my first time with linen/cotton fabric.  I've heard good things about it, but I'm skeptical at the moment....
Friday.  Linen jacket and shirt.          
Thanks for the kind words. :Fist bump:
^Great fit all around.  Like the jacket and the shoes a lot.  I think the doing up all the buttons on the cardigan makes it look stuffy.  I'd undo the top and bottom ones for a more casual look.  
I thought it was a dickey.
 TM Lewin use to have some great shirting.  Too bad they've changed so much.  
Thursday.  Cool colors.       [[SPOILER]]
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