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Only wear Cole Hann bit loafers. Gucci is out of my price range. Wish I could help.
Couple of casual days.            
Pictures of the items or him wearing the items would be helpful.  I personally like bold fashion, but this sounds like a really bad idea.  I'm not sure who is getting married, but the focus should be on the people getting married.  I think wearing anything that would take the focus off of them is not a good idea.  Style wise, I would highly recommend khaki or stone colored pants.  The navy would create too much contrast with the yellow shirt.  
Thursday.  Busy body.          
@sprout2 Thanks.     Last Wednesday.  Colors.  Linen, seersucker, madras.         
But Tasseks...
What are people's thoughts about ironing?
Thanks, I think. I'm aware that not all my outfits are well received, but I didn't know I was also summoning the undead. I didn't think were really into ivy and trad style. More SW&D.
Tuesday.  Neutral. White shoes and wool tie.  I wish I had worn a different watch.  The blue strap feels out of place to me.            
That is some handsome hair.
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