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Today.  Keeping it simple.          
Tuesday.  I think a brown tie would have been better.  This fit feels a bit fallish.  I wish I had worn my stone chinos instead also.          
Oh, yeah.  It was raining so I didn't stick around afterward.  It looked cool though.  
I did go on Sunday. What's SoWa?
I went to Boston/Salem this weekend.  I got this jacket from Bobby from Boston while I was there.  I'm not sure about the pocket square.  I tried a solid white, but wasn't feeling it.  I kept everything else simple given given the boldness of the jacket.        [[SPOILER]]
The material isn't the problem.  You hat has the structure of a trucker hat which I don't like.  I'm wearing a unstructured seersucker hat below (from last June).  You trying to cop my style, bro?    [[SPOILER]]
@Tirailleur1 Come on, dawg, with that hat. You have some nice hats. This one isn't twerking, especially with this outfit which nice by the way. Thumbing fit despite hat. Also, that jacket looks like it could use some steam.
You win some.  You lose some.  
x post.  Cotton gingham.      
I tried on five other pairs of shoes and four other pairs of socks, before I just had to go.  Don't disagree with you. 
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