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Because now is the time to take your ball and go home.   Seriously, I understand that Vox has a lotta love, but his behavior across the entirety of the forum has always struck me as incredibly petulant and childish. It's his choice and he can delete whatever the hell he wants, but the constant deletion of posts, removal of pictures, and stealth editing of threads seriously undermines anyone's ability to engage in a conversation if he's in it.
Yes, white shirts are a good match if you are wearing Sean Connery. ;)
Oh, I own too many white shirts to straight up STOP wearing them. I've already taken that plunge, to be sure.   I was simply curious what Manton's suggestion would be, for the same reasons I always like seeing what people suggest on SF: I may not do what they suggest, but I like to know why they suggest it, and what their rationale is.   Edit: Also, I have been thinking lately "I need more non-white shirts." What a convenient excuse you are, threak. I knew you...
Well... I'm certainly self-conscious about my love of white shirts, now. So, two questions, then: I own a lot of odd jackets, generally with a windowpane check or a rough texture. I've generally avoided patterned shirts with them, because I feel like mixing small pattern with large pattern or small pattern with small texture is a horrible idea. Is this a good place to rock the lightly colored shirt, or a non-busy checked shirt, or both?   Second question being:...
Spoo, I love that even the ladies shoes you post are croc. :D   I'm also perpetually aggravated that everything you post is almost perfect for me but off in some dimension - the shoes half a size too small, the shoulders 19" instead of 17.5/18"... Still tempted on that DB, even thought it might be a bit small...
    My snarky reply aside, that's actually what I meant. I have been having a very poor day and apologise to the OP for my response.   And to plei89, looking like Tintin or Morrisey is not a bad thing. It is actually a good thing. You carry the color well, which surprised the heck out of me.
    I swear to god I am seeing Tintin in pic #1 and Morrisey in pic #3 here.
If you want to wear a burgundy suit, you need to answer a very simple question first:   "Am I a pimp, a Dick Tracy character, or Liberace?"   If the answer is no, I suspect that it will not be as versatile a look as you might expect. Good for clubbing, but not much else.
  Let me just set a little reminder on my calendar, then...
It's also a butt-ton more visually jangly than I'd like. Which is a shame, cuz it would fit me great, and I love hacking pockets. Damn you, jacket! Why can't you be darker?
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