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Willing to take offers.
I bought these back in April thinking they were on the Hampton. They are in fact on the Barrie after doing a comparison with a pair of LWB. The confusion abut them being on Hampton due to TSM's Obscura replica makes sense. BootSpell if you are reading this here's a fit pic I took a long time ago. I plan to pick up the wingtip version now, since I have a hunch that getting a Ravello wingtip boot in my size would be near impossible with the Ravello shortage.
Based off the "AF1" tagline, I'd go ahead and guess Alden of Carmel.
Received cigar shell LWB the other day - absolutely gorgeous! My first pair of long wings. Also got my cap toe boots back from B. Nelson. Top-notch work. Before: After Looks OEM. Big thanks to dsmivtr for the suggestion on sending them to B. Nelson.
Requoting a post I dug up while Google imaging Cigar Longwings... just incredible. Day Trippers are my dream Aldens of Aldens, and these just topped them. Except getting my hands on a pair of Day Trippers is probably more feasible than Whiskey shell cap toe boots.
While I have no personal experience with Indy boots outfitted with the commando sole, I have read that they are considerably lighter than Indy boots with a neoprene cork sole and the rubber foot balance piece. I'd have to say that the majority of the heaviness comes from the foot balance piece. A dense piece of rubber that's meant to assist in keeping your feet grounded.
Found this on SuFu. 10 year old Indy boots.
Unionmade: Trubalance last, neoprene cork sole, 270 degree welt, standard welt you see on Indy boots, wax laces   TSM sells two Natural CXL boots: the one on the modified last and the plain toe Indy boot Plain toe Indy boot: Trubalance last, 360 degree welt, leather soles, no footbalance heel, standard cotton laces Modified last Natural CXL boots: similar to the plain toe Indy boot with exception of modified last and 270 degree welt   Shame they didn't stock a 6.5, those...
The way I walk seems to put a lot of wear on the toes of my Aldens, and all pairs that I own have this same trait, but this pair has it the worst. Will toe taps fix this issue?   I've only worn these five times, it would be a massive shame to have to do a premature recraft.
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