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^J. Gilbert
I finally got around to applying Saphir Renovateur to my #8 boots, and sometimes the dye would be coming off as I applied it (I used my index finger) so the cream turned purple.   Is this normal?
I was opposed to blind eyelets on this style, but this made me change my mind. Thanks for the pic.   On a side note, anyone know when Color 8 Indy is due to ship from J. Gilbert?
Heads up for anyone: Alden SF has color 8 Indys listed on their site under the Indy boots. Sizes 6.5D and 8.5D-11.5D still in stock. AoC has a similar make-up sans reverse storm welt, broguing at the heel, and eyelets... could always send them to B. Nelson to have eyelets installed, but the other two not so much. http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/index.cfm/Shoes-Black_Shell_Cordovan_High_Lace_Boot_123.htm
I anticipate these pics - always wondered what a crepe sole to leather sole conversion looks like.   On that note; if one were to resole a factory crepe sole with a leather sole using a third party, then sent the shoes to Alden restoration, would it be resoled with a leather sole or crepe sole?   An SA at Alden SF told me they'll resole with whatever is on the shoe at the time of restoration.
If we're still discussing pre-orders, Context has a pre-order up for the Roy Boots.   http://www.contextclothing.com/brand.php?brand=Alden   Looks like they're back to doing make-ups with Alden?   Their #8 Tankers are listed too but no sign of any kind of pre-order - I hope one comes up because I would take those over Leffot's in a heartbeat.
I've been on the fence about a pair of brown CXL Jumpers, but this pic officially makes me now want a pair. Great boots, NewYorkRanger.
You're welcome. The Barrie last does work for me but I am a 6.5 D. I am getting rid of them because not only are they slightly big, but I like - but not love them.
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