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I remember your post. Did you ever get that issue fixed?   Also I ordered half a size down from my Grant size. Fit is quite similar with the color 8 Indy a tad bit roomier.
Alden SF has a full size run of them
Today: wore my favorite Alden make-up of all time - Color 8 shell straight cap toe boot with all eyelets, Grant last and came back to my apartment to these. Thanks J. Gilbert and Yenni!   On a side note, has anyone ever had toe taps (standard or flushed) installed on crepe soles? I am entertaining the thought of buying the AoC ravello LWB but I need the leather tip to last.
Florsheim. Carmina appears to do so also.   I personally would buy Aldens, was never a big fan of AE's long wing.
Did not ask, but go ahead and give them a call - they are a great group to work with.
Went to Alden SF today. Black Indy to wear while I get my first Aldens, the 403's, recrafted. Old vs. new, also 403's are an E width while the 401's are a D width.   Had my eye on these for a long time.     Color 8 belt, nickel buckle.
Helped my brother out with some moving today.     Yenni also informed me my Color 8 Indy's have come in, will post pics when I get them.
Thank you, sir.
Hi Namor, could you please also snap some pics of their color 8 Indy boots?   Thanks.
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