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I'm your age and wear a pair of color 8 LHS all the time. Being in so-cal, when the weather gets hot, sockless+color 8 LHS+navy shorts is my go to (with 24 hours a day in between wears, of course).
The post right below yours is the best representation of Color 8 in person.   Gentlemen,   I have read online that getting an Alden shoe resoled by anyone other than Alden will result in a "less tight" feeling in the shoe, due to differing resoling methods.   Can anyone confirm/deny this?
Don't know if it works anymore, but if you put them in your shopping bag and wait until a sale and happen to have them still in there, the discount applies.
Forget sending them the bill, I would ask for a replacement pair.
Just in from TSM, took a huge gamble on sizing since I didn't get to try them on in-person before purchase. Rather I went with word of mouth and got the same size as my barrie size.   As it turns out, these are the best fitting Aldens I have. Crease in the vamp is from trying on
Speaking of Alden DC, some of you may recall there was an individual representing them here inviting members to PM him to be added to a mailing list.   Has anyone received anything yet?
You can try seeing if CitiShoes has the ravello NST in your size. They are listed as "Brandy shell cordovan"   Also J. Gilbert has a color 8 NST boot on the Plaza, with commando sole. They also have the blucher too   If you have preference towards one last over another though this may be problematic.
Where do you think the term "Mac method" was coined?
Of course, one day after I buy color 8 LHS for full retail, there is a pair on the irregulars list.
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