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Gorgeous ravello WT boots up to.   Speaking of raw denim and Aldens, here's what I wore today.   Black Indy boots LVC 1954 501, rigid
I have a pair of LVC 1954 501's and have some serious duck butt going on. I know this is a trait of vintage work jeans, but is it indicative of anything else?
Which Indy did you buy? If it's the 405, I'll take them off your hands.   Also if a 6D Barrie fits you well then a 6D Trubalance should work well for you. I personally wear a 6.5D Barrie and 6.5D Trubalance although my feet could work with a 6E Barrie/Trubalance.
 Uncle, I remember you had posted pictures of these with commando sole. Did you have them resoled at B Nelson?   Thank you for the input folks. Cigar cap toe boot it is.
They were a Leffot makeup, http://leffot.com/2011/09/29/alden-x-leffot-day-tripper-boot/   As a side note there is also a Ravello cap toe makeup by Tassels HK, but it is on the barrie and has a closed heel.   On the other hand, I have narrowed my next Alden purchase down to two and I want your guys' opinion.   It's either:   Ravello LWB with crepe sole     Cigar Cap Toe Boot with Commando sole,       I'm currently leaning towards the cigar cap toe boot.
Leffot has something similar: http://leffot.com/shop/alden-x-leffot-longwing-blucher-tan-suede-pre-order/
Welcome back Uncle Mac!
Sounds similar to a makeup LS did a while back.  
I'm your age and wear a pair of color 8 LHS all the time. Being in so-cal, when the weather gets hot, sockless+color 8 LHS+navy shorts is my go to (with 24 hours a day in between wears, of course).
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