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I just placed an order for the Day Trippers in the size 7.   Interesting because when I asked a while back, Colin said they were spoken for already.   Thank you very much to the forum members who made it known they were available.
Gorgeous ravello WT boots up to.   Speaking of raw denim and Aldens, here's what I wore today.   Black Indy boots LVC 1954 501, rigid
I have a pair of LVC 1954 501's and have some serious duck butt going on. I know this is a trait of vintage work jeans, but is it indicative of anything else?
Which Indy did you buy? If it's the 405, I'll take them off your hands.   Also if a 6D Barrie fits you well then a 6D Trubalance should work well for you. I personally wear a 6.5D Barrie and 6.5D Trubalance although my feet could work with a 6E Barrie/Trubalance.
 Uncle, I remember you had posted pictures of these with commando sole. Did you have them resoled at B Nelson?   Thank you for the input folks. Cigar cap toe boot it is.
They were a Leffot makeup,   As a side note there is also a Ravello cap toe makeup by Tassels HK, but it is on the barrie and has a closed heel.   On the other hand, I have narrowed my next Alden purchase down to two and I want your guys' opinion.   It's either:   Ravello LWB with crepe sole     Cigar Cap Toe Boot with Commando sole,       I'm currently leaning towards the cigar cap toe boot.
Leffot has something similar:
Welcome back Uncle Mac!
Sounds similar to a makeup LS did a while back.  
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