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Plain ol' 403's today.     Obligatory pic of Day Trippers, words cannot describe how beautiful they are in person (and neither can my picture quality)     Alden DC cigar cap toe boot next
FWIW, tongue slipping meant the shoe was too wide for my foot.
PSA: looks like TSM did a restock of natty CXL Indy boots
Cousin's wedding       Come the 15th I'll have the Day Trippers on my feet!
A 9.5D on the Trubalance is going to be too wide if your Leydon size is a 10D   Just for reference, my Leydon size is a 7E. I own 6.5E and 6.5D sized Indy boots, and the D actually has some semblance of arch support and no heel slip, but on the E, my foot just seems to sit in the shoe. Heel sleep is massive and there is no arch support. The Trubalance is a massive last that scales pretty quickly.   So your equivalent is going from a 10D in Leydon to a 9.5C in...
Thanks for the pic Furo. I was curious as to what shade of ravello this run of the Day Trippers would be.   Looks like Alden did a great job at keeping it a true ravello.
The #8 Grant last cap toe boots are one of Alden's finest makeups. You will not be disappointed.
Those were a LeatherSoul makeup when they did a "best design contest". Fun fact: SF's very own member AlanC designed them.   The closest thing I can think of off the top of my head is a makeup from TSM:
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