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Hi Mike & Epaulet   Have you considered offering an in-house tailoring service? I wouldn't mind paying $10-15 to have my pants hemmed before being shipped to me.
Picked up an American classic from Alden SF yesterday.
Went on over to Alden SF yesterday and picked up a pair of the black shell cordovan Indy boot. These are beauties in person! Was surprised I could not find any pictures of them. Well, in case anyone else is looking, here's a few.           Please excuse the black on black action up there, it was the quickest surface I could find.   Details: -Alden style code 40569H -Barrie last -360 degree welt (closed heel) -Storm welt -Double waterlock...
I have been eyeballing a pair of the Juniper Italian Linen walt trousers for a while now and finally pulled the trigger on them. They came in the mail yesterday!   Without a doubt the most phenomenal pair of trousers I've purchased to date.   I was also so enamored by Epaulet's stock pic that I picked up a pair of Alden color 8 LHS.   Pics       Elderberry is next!   Also, re: Epaulet shirt MTO program, I am familiar with all the options except...
Hi,   I would be willing to take these off your hands in about two weeks if you haven't sold them already by then.
Hi folks,   Just received my first pair of epaulet pants today, plum duck canvas rivet chinos. Absolutely beautiful but I'm concerned about the integrity of the buttons on the fly. Which brings me to ask, has anyone had any issues with buttons coming off?
I don't see why they would take issue with working on seconds.
Got caught in an absolutely horrible downpour en route to Alden SF But it was worth it because I picked up some whiskey chukkas today, first whiskey and first chukka in my ownership   Beautiful shoes
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