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I am with Robin and Spence on this one. IMhO, it is much more important to have a good, adjustable heat source (e.g. gas, low & high BTUs) then copper core pots & pans. I also have several All Clad pieces, as a matter of fact, I just bought (stainless) 8 qt. stock pot recently and while in store, I have looked at their AC copper line. To me it doesn't even look that great, never mind the price...
Quote: Originally Posted by nmoraitis Use the search feature guys, that's why it is there: They are an affiliate of SF. OK. Thx! FYI, I searched, but only this forum (B&S)... I should have caught the affiliate link.
No hijack. Feel free. I was also looking at that site...
Recommendations? Places to avoid? Thanks!
Quote: Oh, "Spretzatura"-------"careless grace". Sprezzatura...
That's the thing, it was a Spring/Summer 2007... Thanks for reply!
So many experts and nobody has an opinion on this??? Am I cursed?
I have recently acquired a Boglioli casual (unlined) navy jacket made from the aforementioned blend (50/50). It is quite pleasant to touch but relatively substantial fabric, thicker then cotton or linen. Can it be worn throughout the year? Thx!
Berlin Report: Shoes and belt info, please...? Thx!
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