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Where you wear it on the proper side but it start's off/begin's immensly narrow until it widens and show's the big broad part?   Often though this can not be known as a tie style cos most I know wear Jumpers with such a style when adapted. If anyone can tell me it's name though i'd appreciate it as I adore very long ties like this style.   Thanks.
I doubt it can be worn the thin side out I feel D Josef, if you can not see the the broad part.   It would be great if you have any links to the GQ Magazine in question possibly, please?   Thanks.
Thanks for your tip, luckily I often manage to avoid this error, but I agree yeah you have to be so careful there.   I m glad you approve, thanks.
How do you know i'm better than this? We don't even know each other.
You reckon it might be possible though, yes?
May be not, sorry we'll have to agree to disagree on this one I think Patrick. Sorry.
I think it look's good! search on You-tube and it really proves it's popular as well, with a good few videos on it there!
Why not? I think it is taking off big time now!
What was your's like?   Eg did you try to improve it eg through Farrar's etc not plain Trousers or say posher Shirt's like Ben Sherman etc?
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