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Can someone please point me in the direction of a Mac jacket that looks like the following:   I'm looking for a navy mac which is in the same style as the one in the above link (BR only do stone). I consider this to be a very ordinary style and I see it often on the streets of London but I don't come across many in stores. I have a maximum budget of between £250-275.   Any...
  Thanks - I stumbled across that website too but like yourself was unable to find anything that resembled the trainer above. The simplicity of design is just the ideal for me. Anything which follows a similar aesthetic style would have been welcome. If anyone knows anything that resembles this trainer or a brand which follows the design principles of simplicity and minimalism, that would be appreciated.
  I'm sorry for bumping a rather old thread but from searching the forum for pictures of a new pair of trainers, I found the above and really would like a pair. In this thread there is mention of these trainers belonging to a brand by the name of "Whoop De Doo" but I haven't found anything reliable in searches I have run. Can anyone identify confirm the brand of this trainer and perhaps the model?
Thanks for the suggestion. I found an Aquascutum coat that caught my eye at John Lewis which I think I'll be picking up too.
I've just got a call-back from the store - they've searched branches up and down the country and managed to find me the jacket in the size I wanted.   Thank you, nonetheless.
I was wondering if anyone could help me find a mac jacket like the following:$fash_product$   I've got a budget of between £250-300. Ideally, I'm after something just like the one in the URL posted - unfortunately I cannot get the size I'm after so I'm searching for alternatives.This picture really does capture exactly the style of jacket I am after - can anyone suggest brands or places I can find something...
I'd be interested in any more thoughts on that piece, too. I think someone requested a picture of the watch on wrist - any chance of seeing that? I've got fairly small wrists (6.5 inches) and I do wonder whether it'll suit.
Thanks, corneliusparky - very helpful.
Thanks for the reply and I will make sure questions like this go in the right place next time.   GAT trainers? I can't find anything of such a name. Can you point me in the right direction? Any links?
Hi,   Apologies if this is posted in the wrong part of the forum - if it is, please let me know.   I need help identifying a pair of shoes. Funnily enough, I found someone else has already posted the same question on a GAP pair of trainers before me! No replies for that post though and so I'm wondering whether anyone can help with fresh eyes?   Can anyone pinpoint the brand of...
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