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Found a better picture
Here is a closer pic. Not great quality though....  
I really like these sunglasses the Rock was wearing in the Pilot Episode of Ballers. In the Funeral scene.   Any idea's on what they are?   Appreciate any guess's.
Hi   Been looking for one of these for a while now.   Missed one on ebay and one in the classifieds here.   Bifold or Credit Card size is fine.   Thanks   James
Hi   Would love to get one of these preferably in blue.   PM me if you've got one.   Cheers   James
Dita's now sold.   Chanel 4141Q aviators still available.
Hi   I have listed on ebay a New Pair of Dita Midnight Special Sunglasses as well as a couple of Chanel 4141Q Aviators sunglasses.   Dita SOLD   Chanel 4141Q aviators 3 different colors available $350, $350 and...
This tie still for sale???   Let me know   Thanks
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