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Brand new denim found here Price is $98 shipped CONUS. I'm only looking to get my money back + shipping, so price is firm. Will go to eBay by the end of the week. Thanks!
Does anyone know what fabric this is (make/pattern)? Also can anyone generally speak to how this guy gets off charging $350 for a shirt? Are the shirts that great - or is it a brand thing?
. Now willing to sell for 140 just to make my money back. Price is firm.
Does anyone know what kind of fabric this is:
Brand new condition, tried on once. Looking to trade for 30 Straight in the off chance someone has it in new condition. If not, I'll sell for $140 shipped CONUS. This includes the original price (127), original shipping (5), and my shipping to you CONUS (8).
Should I go for this Hugo Boss blazer at $300?   I get that Hugo Boss gets a bad rap for quality, but this is just so much cheaper than the $700 I would pay for getting one MTM, especially when I can get alterations free.  
I already submitted a return request to the guys at Gustin, but if anyone is looking for a pair of unworn Grey Silks in Size 30 Straight, let me know.  I'd want to either swap out for a 31/32 Straight or get my money back.     Thanks! 
Finally got around to trying on the new oxford since buying one from their first iteration over a year ago.  Like before, the quality of workmanship/materials for the price was impressive, but the fit just sucked.  Too much fabric around the chest, and the taper didn't fix the bottom from flaring out when tucked in.   I've given up on this brand, simply because there're so many other places to get basic staples on the cheap.  Nordstrom is selling their in-house brand...
Are the Naturals going to come back anytime soon?
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