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I find the Olfe slightly more comfortable in the same size as Hiro, as far as the toes go. Whether that's the vagaries of each shape and my foot or genuinely more room I couldn't say.
Can anyone describe the Park last relative to Hiro/Olfe - wider toebox, more/less volume instep etc.?
Last time I ordered from HY Jamison confirmed that his house branded socks are still made by Marcoliani. I got about 4 pairs of Marcoliani socks, which he was selling the last of his stock of, and 1 pair of HY branded socks and I can confirm GF's accusation - they are much thinner and have pilled quite badly.
Thanks to whoever posted up Ozbargain link to the loafer socks - bought 5 pair for $15. The finishing isn't brilliant, but they do the job of keeping my feet and shoes apart without slipping down and all for $3 each.
Looking for a new suit locally - is it worth the trip to Blades?
No need to repost if you don't get an answer the first time. Odds on nobody knows. Try emailing Meermin?
Hi Diplomat, As far as I'm aware the best alterations tailor in Canberra is TT's Fashions, upstairs in Baileys Arcade on London Circuit. Never had sleeve buttons adjusted but for basic work on trousers and jackets I've never had a problem.
From what I understand the leather was sourced from Ilcea while they were winding up, and the project was a little delayed because of this. There are a few pics from other members in the previous pages, I doubt I'll remember to post some with my schedule the next few days. This was a second run for people who missed out on the first. You would be welcome to try and set another up with Pepe, although with Ilcea in liquidation I don't know if you would be able to source the...
My brown museum calf MTO's arrived last night and they appear to be flawless - brouging, welting, stitching all good. Thanks for organising Alex.
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