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Travel only - we have playing kit that would give the Aus Cricket team a run for their money in the 'out there' stakes. I've tried to rail against black pants for travel, but no dice.
  Thanks guys, unfortunately, being a member of SF has given me (gasp!) standards, so poly blend is out of the question. Trenery looks OK, for Aus mass market anyway...Surprisingly poor offering from Land's End and BB AU. I play a slightly larger scale of marbles - Off to Perth for National Champs soon...
Recs for black trousers/slacks on the cheap? I need them to wear approx. 6 times a year for interstate flights as part of a sports 'travel uniform', so don't want to drop too much $$ and don't need anything especially sharp looking. Overseas an option, but not MTM as I need them for the week after Easter.
Just got back from a squizz at Blades. Some good stuff if I overlook the fit - apparently an inch overhang on each shoulder is OK... Anything for a sale I guess. Time to book that appointment with Braddon Tailors...
Rui fits huge compared to Hiro. General consensus seems to be size down at least 0.5 from Hiro to Rui.
No effect once they dry out. I got some olive oil on one not long ago, the blotches disappeared in a couple of days - not that I would recommend this.
Managed to get around the checkout bug and pick up cigar and cognac pairs also
Quoted, because TWSS
Will you offer combined shipping with another order placed mid-late January?
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