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Rui fits huge compared to Hiro. General consensus seems to be size down at least 0.5 from Hiro to Rui.
No effect once they dry out. I got some olive oil on one not long ago, the blotches disappeared in a couple of days - not that I would recommend this.
Managed to get around the checkout bug and pick up cigar and cognac pairs also
Quoted, because TWSS
Will you offer combined shipping with another order placed mid-late January?
If it looks like a sheep and sounds like a sheep... That's no fun.
I would agree, Olfe slightly more generous in the toebox than Hiro.
Sounds like a solid line-up Jas - never let it be said you aren't a man of taste. Looking forward to tonight. Trying to buy a Valstar and pair of Butteros from Carson St Clothiers, it throws an error when I try and confirm the order (tried using Shipito and Viabox, which are at least 40% cheaper on shipping than their 'International Delivery'). Anyone else tried/having issues?
Can confirm: GT6, Mt Panorama and a Ferrari =
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