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If it looks like a sheep and sounds like a sheep... That's no fun.
I would agree, Olfe slightly more generous in the toebox than Hiro.
Sounds like a solid line-up Jas - never let it be said you aren't a man of taste. Looking forward to tonight. Trying to buy a Valstar and pair of Butteros from Carson St Clothiers, it throws an error when I try and confirm the order (tried using Shipito and Viabox, which are at least 40% cheaper on shipping than their 'International Delivery'). Anyone else tried/having issues?
Can confirm: GT6, Mt Panorama and a Ferrari =
No idea what exactly they use in the insole. I agree that they can be some work to break in - the only truly broken in pair I have are my original Classic Line brown captoe oxfords, which would be over 12 months old. Brown museum calf MTO (2nd run), black Classic Line reverse captoes and my new brown Linea Maestro STB's are still very stiff.
Hellyer's Road 10 y.o. is also fantastic. I was in Burnie for a week earlier this year, staying only 8km from the distillery but sadly it was a group trip and we didn't go and visit.
Bullshit. The shoes have a cork or leather insole which moulds to the shape of your foot and will be what affects the feel of it. If the shoes are unconfortable then they most likely just don't fit you, or need to be broken in more.
I think you'll find thats European sizing.
    T - That is my assumption, but given I received an invoice over 6 weeks ago saying that one pair would be ready to ship in 5 days and the other in about 20 days, waited about a month and got shipping notification, it would be fair to assume that both pairs would have shipped together? At least an email to say they are shipping separately would be good. Leet - I've been following this thread long enough to know how it works, but putting my eggs in a few different...
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