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Hey Ian,   I recently received the Fostex Purpleheart headphones (after much anticipation), and love the form and function of them - although I took the conservative option when the Ebony model was announced. I'd really like another pair for the office, are there any plans to release a second round of the ebony model?
Any idea what shipping to 'Straya would be?
I have 6 pairs from Massdrop, sent as medium instead of large (their error). Happy to on-sell them if you want to PM me.
     Gents, please stop posing porn without the appropriate NSFW tag.
The Epaulet tennis lows are great. They've seen about 6 months use, maybe average twice a week: 
If it's any consolation (I doubt it), a set of bike wheels I ordered last week were dispatched from the UK on Thursday and arrived this morning. What a wonderful world we live in.
A former flame with a very nice wardrobe swore by them. I've used them once or twice and they seem to know what they're talking about. No idea about lapel pressing techniques though. 24 hour collection too if memory serves.
Guys, does anyone have a hot tip for linen/linen blend trousers under $150 that will suit the larger-thighed among us?
Also why the bottles are best stored sloping downward, to keep the bottom of the cork moist. I recently had the chance to taste 2 bottles of teenaged Canberra Shiraz back to back, identical other than one being affected by cork contamination which gives the wine a 'wet dog' smell & taste. This can be cured by making a ball of Glad Wrap and placing it in the decanted wine. Somehow this attracts the chemical responsible for the off taste and removes it from the wine.
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