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Also why the bottles are best stored sloping downward, to keep the bottom of the cork moist. I recently had the chance to taste 2 bottles of teenaged Canberra Shiraz back to back, identical other than one being affected by cork contamination which gives the wine a 'wet dog' smell & taste. This can be cured by making a ball of Glad Wrap and placing it in the decanted wine. Somehow this attracts the chemical responsible for the off taste and removes it from the wine.
I've got a few up in my apartment at the moment, and a couple at work. No marking with the few that have been moved. I would expect anything to just wipe off anyway.
I got a nice pair from Brooks Brothers in the depths of winter. Now in the lead up to summer they've got 1 style in the sale section of the site, navy blue in 34*34 or 40*32 only. No wonder they divorced Oroton.
With paranoia like that, we don't need one
Fondling government contracts while pondering vagaries of fabric swatches.
The heart says yes, I think I can hear some muffled screams from my wallet though...
You still can - vintage off eBay. Best $100 I ever spent on shoes.
Loakes, ground floor of Bailey's Arcade in the city. I discussed it a little with Geoffrey Firmin a page or two back. With the crappy AUD prices are pretty much on par with overseas, about $400 each.
Civic Shoes, downstairs in Bailey's Arcade, opposite the Subway. From memory, Loake and Barker are the only SF-Approved brands they stock, and the guy is a but pushy but not too bad. He did mention that they are looking to stock more Northampton brands in the near future, the majority of stock at the moment appeared to be pointy toed Italian things. They had 8 lines of the 1880's
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