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Interestingly, there's a local shop here in Canberra that has Loake 1880's for $400 - less than 5% more than the price from Herring. Still more than I'd be willing to pay for a pair of Loakes, but impressive nonetheless.
Isn't that the required uniform if you join the circus these days?
Vintage from Ebay. Massive selection and easy to get a really nice double sided pair for under $50.
In the past I got my socks from Howard Yount, however he went from Marcoliani to his own label. I only bought 1 pair of the HY branded socks, which were absolute crap. I now buy from Dapper Classics who have a good selection of wool and cotton mid-calf and OTC. As far as HY pants go, they still seem to be ok, just as long as you don't expect any of your correspondence to be answered. I believe that a few brands offer trousers made in the same factory as HY, with Dapper...
Try looking into Continuous Ink Systems - a bit fiddly to set up, but you would save a fortune if you do any kind of regular printing. Otherwise with the price of printers you might be best off buying a new one every time and flogging the old one on Gumtree or something. If memory of some throwaway article serves, printer ink is one of the most expensive fluids on earth, possibly more so that bull sperm.
Goon is to red wine what Nescafe is to coffee. You gotta have standards, y'know?
I said red, not goon bags....
You've got plenty of red, don't you? Sounds like we got ourselves a venue  Taken to PM
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