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I'm tied up on Thursday until about 7, Friday definitely a no-go for me. I'll get there when I can if you go ahead with Thurs. The Dock, and Walt and Burley are pretty good pub-style venues, but probably busy. Food at W&B is average in my opinion but there are plenty of other places down that way if you decide to have a proper meal.
Sunday arvo work for you guys? @LonerMatt @Geoffrey Firmin
Welcome to Kingston. Actually the best spot in Canberra. Meetup sounds good. I'll let the others crawl out of the woodwork, then we can tee something up.
I'll give a rap to Not as cheap as ebay, but don't mind paying a couple of $$$ more for the quicker shipping and Aus based retailer.
Congratulations J. It wasn't that long ago you were celebrating arrival of your first! Hope to see you around before too long.
Likewise I'm Canberra based. Seb, maybe there's an opportunity for a concurrent Canberra meetup?@Henry Carter
Kingston Foreshore, by any chance? If so it's a shame to hear that as they've always done a good job on my stuff.
Thanks GF - my regular cobbler JP Shoe Repair on City Walk (corner of Akuna St) looks like it may be closed as the building is being redeveloped into apartments. A shame as he was a lovely old bloke and had what looked to be a goodyear welting machine in the corner gathering dust.
Hey Ian,   I recently received the Fostex Purpleheart headphones (after much anticipation), and love the form and function of them - although I took the conservative option when the Ebony model was announced. I'd really like another pair for the office, are there any plans to release a second round of the ebony model?
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