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Hi,   Selling bunch of ties. This is my first time selling anything. All ties listed are without tags and worn only once or twice. Open to reasonable offers, particularly for multiple items.   Brooks Brothers : $ 40.00 Vroom & Dressman: $15.00   Tommy Hilfiger: $15.00 Tommy hilfinger:$15.00   Banana Republic : $15.00  Banana Republic : $15.00   Joseph & Feiss: $15.00 Pronto Uomo: $15.00    Please PM for shipping. Thank You 
Thanks. I will be ordering from Reigning Champ. exactly what I was looking for. 
hi,   Could anyone let me know where I can order or get Grey Sweatshirt something along the lines of Surface or Air "Go Home" without any graphics .!%22-Sweatshirt/502732213,default,pd.html   thanks 
Thank You 
How can I sell my Filson 257 brown on SF? please help thank you 
I recently purchased Suit Supply Blue Plain Napoli P3458i,en_US,pd.html?start=22&cgid=Suits&prefn1=lineID&prefv1=Purple%20Line%20%24469&prefn2=color&prefv2=Blue   Review:    Live in Toronto had to  make my purchase online I was hoping suit will be more darker navy but its almost air force blue. Had to get major alterations since I am 40r had to lengthen arms. Good slim fit. One thing I am not...
I am travelling to NYC in August looking to get some info on places to visit . Looking to purchase suit in Navy and Charcoal. (Already have suit supply) my budget is between $500-$700  also dress shirts and ties. If someone can provide me a list of stores that I could essentially visit it will be really helpful.   Thanks
I ordered suit supply there were no custom charges. However  I wasn't happy with the fitting. Had to pay a visit to Magic Tailor in Toronto 
thank you peatcoat I have sent you pm. great article ! 
sorry I missed your post. ya totally agree with you. I wish there I could try Sterling or Schott in Canada ! 
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