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Good read.
hey bro that's a good looking pea coat I am looking to get their navy let me know if you end up getting it, I am not sure about their measurement and how it feels. 
does any have suit supply's pea coat?
Hi,    Can anyone recommend me where to buy quilted vest, anything excluding J.crew & CM they are way over priced for quilted vest.    Thanks 
Suit from SS, they are well fitted , own 2 pair, def a buy! - Tie from Tie Bar.
not yet confirmed waiting for a buyer to respond tomorrow morning
its white leather need to find a way to clean. I want to find if someone washed their purcells in washing machine before
Hi SF,   Does anyone own a pair of Converse Jack Purcells leather. Please share how did you clean your Jack Purcells and any product you can recommend.    Thanks. 
Hi SF,   Selling Filson 256 in exceptional condition with leather snap tab closure made from local cobbler. It was purchased 7 months ago. Attaching few pictures.  Please PM for any questions.    Thank You   AZ 
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