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Liam posted a picture of himself with his girlfriend?!? How did I miss that...
Someone who wears size 28 in Nudie Slim Jims should wear size ____ in APC New Cure.    ???
I got mine from Menofilk.com
Where to kop ndg?
Are MMM gats any wider?  They look a little wider in the above pictures...
Just because they're 100% cotton doesn't mean they're too thick to wear any time but the winter. Flannel should be left to the colder months, but flannel is a special type of thick, loosely-spun, fuzzy, soft fabric, often wool or cotton. Kilts and pajamas are often flannel, if that helps.There's nothing inherently wrong with wearing those shirts with chinos or cargos, but you're getting into nerd/dad territory with those choices. It's as much about the individual pieces...
Really cool fit.   I have a l/s shirt with a hem like this, but i never wear it because it's long enough that it kind of looks like a dress.  You've made me want to experiment with it now.
Shout out to Kyle and the Everlane team for great customer service.  There was a problem with a recent order of mine, but they worked with me to fix the problem.  The tees need more taper, but the customer service is spot-on.
The gats I just got from Zeemon are too tight in the toes.  If I get a size larger, will the toes be any less tight, or will they just be longer?  Anyone have any experience?   EDIT: I have a wide foot, which may be the problem.  Would a larger size be sufficiently wider?
New Posts  All Forums: