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  What cut of Nudie jeans?  Slim Jim? Grim TIm?   If they're Slim Jims, you might want to hem them.  Excesive stacking on Slim Jims looks sloppy.  If they're a different cut of Nudie and they taper more to the ankle, you'll be able to get away with more stacking.
Screw muscular people Screw fat people. Screw people with large bone structure. You people aren't superior.  Screw you.
It was a type O
^ And then you will be come emaciated like me.
 no your!
 Approximately equal to 42, for most people.
I have a pair of GATS in size 270, brand new.  Got them from Zeemon, but they're too small.  They're up for grabs - $80 shipped CONUS.  
 These are the measurements of my black Dior 19cm jeans:     Dior 19cm tagged 29 Waist:  32" Inseam: 36" Front Rise:  9.25" Leg Opening:  7" Knee:  8.75 Upper Thigh:  11"   Of course, they've stretched out from use.  Dior might be too expensive for you, but you can sometimes get them used for a steal. 
^ That benesyed fit is "exhibit A" in "why muscle definition is essential for tank-wearing."
Tell me what you think of the quality once you get it, would you?
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