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Could someone post the link for Manton's (at least, I think it was Manton's) "Good Taste" thread?  I've searched, but I can't find it :-/
          Scarf Kris van Assche Bespoke Santoni
Are the new fall tees going to be longer and have more taper? Btw guys, if you want longer and more taper and are willing to give up fabric quality, Zara tees sized up one or two work very well (for slim people).
Sorry for the bad lighting/quality. The textures are really cool - the shirt is a wool/viscose blend, and the pants are wool/viscose with a little stretch. Super comfy, and warm without being stifling. I'm curious though - what kind of jacket would you guys wear with this? Any suggestions, Snow? EDIT: Both pants and shirt are from the current season Emporio Armani.
I just noticed the collar gap in Bam!'s jacket, and now I can't unnotice it.
I like the fit, brad. Also, I think your hair looks fine - goes well with the aesthetic.I've almost commented on this type of post several times in the past, but im going to go ahead and throw this out there: every time I post a different kind of fit, somebody usually says that they "like the direction that I'm going in." the thing is, I'm not necessarily "going in a new direction," I'm just trying something new. I've only been here for a year, and I haven't yet settled...
  I wanted to wear some shiny black combat boots or black derbies, but I don't have any .  That will be remedied, though.
The past few weeks I've only been able to skim the WAYWT, but there has been so much good stuff.    Here's today:   [[SPOILER]]
I wore my MC-loved Epaulet chinos for the first time to crazy-ass "neon" party at MIT.   They're slightly torn up now, so I probably won't wear them again.  But thanks for a great time, Epaulet.      P.S. I wore this with my Svenssons, which are now beat-to-hell.
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