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wootx "no shoes?"   Lol shoes are Walkover.   Moo is so consistently a troll that he is has transcended the bounds of trolldom and has become an established piece of the Styleforum puzzle.
    Down jacket with leather thingy on shoulders double-layer shirt 2-week APC NC Walkover Aviators
      @Beneseyed yeah the pants are really tapered, probably what you're talking about...
I feel you.  Losing muscle that you've already gained is infuriating.     Something that makes me shake my head: when guys (and girls) tuck their jeans into their really crappy boots, to show off said crappy footwear, and then walk around like
Sorry for the shit photo quality, but this is the best I've got right now.       Shirt: wool/cotton pants: navy cotton coat: wool/cashmere boots: suede
  I feel like the hoodie detracts from the fit (messes with the coat).
Workout gear earlier in the day: [[SPOILER]]  You wore this to the gym?
 Why do your Dior jeans never look like Dior jeans? What cut are these, and how did you size?Not a snarky comment, I'm actually curious.P.S. Why does the editor not show up? All I can do is edit the HTML, which is why I didn't spoiler... anyone else have this problem?
 I know your real name and your address.  Muahaha.   And before you say that you know mine also, let me inform you that I have moved - so I can perform a tactical Plokhov and Rick raid without fear of retaliation.
I'm a US 9 in JP chucks, 9 in all my running shoes (sorry no Nikes), 9 in basically all my shoes. I have a wide foot however, and although 270 should be my GAT size I found the shoes too constricting (basically too narrow).
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