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I approve of this thread.
  Regis, bro, if you ever come to your senses and decide to get rid of these god-awful MMM boots, and buy boat shoes instead, I'll accept a donation.  Just out of the goodness of my heart.
How would the warmth of a lambskin jacket like this:     Compare to the warmth of a down-filled jacket?
  Haha thanks.   Almost all my tees could stand to be a little longer.  I'm exactly 6', which isn't super tall, so I don't understand why it's such a problem.  Sizing up on this tee would have probably made it too large in all other dimensions, so I went with a Medium.
  I appreciated that - thank you.  It was a kind gesture.  Unfortunately, though, most of your posts don't follow that theme.   Basically, I just don't understand why you post on Styleforum, what you get out of the site.
I really don't get why Moo hasn't been banned yet.  He doesn't contribute anything, and people have been banned for much less.
wootx "no shoes?"   Lol shoes are Walkover.   Moo is so consistently a troll that he is has transcended the bounds of trolldom and has become an established piece of the Styleforum puzzle.
    Down jacket with leather thingy on shoulders double-layer shirt 2-week APC NC Walkover Aviators
      @Beneseyed yeah the pants are really tapered, probably what you're talking about...
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