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where to kop the Odyn Vovk long-sleeve tee?
Party steeze (fuck, is that even a word?)       Burberry gold necklace/medal Zara N&F Skinny Guy Charles David   EDIT: @Benesyed yeah the jacket is a down-filled puffer.  It was 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  Jacket came off once I got inside.
how does the warmth of a sheepskin jacket compare to the warmth of a down-filled jacket?   Like this:
I approve of this thread.
  Regis, bro, if you ever come to your senses and decide to get rid of these god-awful MMM boots, and buy boat shoes instead, I'll accept a donation.  Just out of the goodness of my heart.
How would the warmth of a lambskin jacket like this:     Compare to the warmth of a down-filled jacket?
  Haha thanks.   Almost all my tees could stand to be a little longer.  I'm exactly 6', which isn't super tall, so I don't understand why it's such a problem.  Sizing up on this tee would have probably made it too large in all other dimensions, so I went with a Medium.
  I appreciated that - thank you.  It was a kind gesture.  Unfortunately, though, most of your posts don't follow that theme.   Basically, I just don't understand why you post on Styleforum, what you get out of the site.
I really don't get why Moo hasn't been banned yet.  He doesn't contribute anything, and people have been banned for much less.
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