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  Glad you're so concerned about my health, Synth.  Yes, the date went well.   [[SPOILER]]
First date.  We went to a nice authentic Italian restaurant, and I spent way more than I wanted to.       Silk scarf Custom Custom (covered placket, 'sup Bows) Dior 19cm Suede sidezips
If it's just for wearing under other shirts, check out Emporio Armani.  They have really comfortable, slim undershirts.   Not that I'm advocating undershirts...
How long are those hmmmm sidezips expected to be around?  I probably won't have a chance to check them out until January... they're only at select hm locations, right?
Ya who the fuck would say that?       You're a nice guy, benesyed, but I think a lot of people are just tired of seeing a new benesyed fit every single day.
TC Walter should get exclusive access to thumbs comments.
  If you can barely button them, and if they are so tight they're uncomfortable, I'd return them.  Dior jeans don't really stretch very much.
@ Idivine   They actually run a little small.  I'm about to purchase another pair of NDC boots, but I'm going to get them in 42.5 because they'll probably fit me better.  If you normally wear a 41.5, these would probably fit well.
If it helps...   I wear 29 in Dior 19cm (a little slouchy) 28 in APC NC (a little tight) 29 in Nudie SJ (a little loose before being washed) and 29 in N&F (a little tight)   Based on this, I'd say that N&F jeans fit a little tighter than their same-sized counterparts.  You should probably size up from your APC and Dior sizes and get a 29.   Of course, I'm no expert - this is only my experience with the cuts that I've tried.
  You actually tell people that you hang out on Style Forum?
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