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I don't get this, but maybe my sense of style just isn't developed enough:  
Merry Christmas guys!     Theory MTM RL EA (no vis)
  What does this even mean? How on earth am I connected with this screenshot?
Most guys wear expensive or good-looking shit up top, but with crappy shoes.  That kills it for me.
  Few things...   - The scarf was a last-ditch effort to stay warm (once I realized it was a little chilly outside).  Probably should have given it more thought. - The jeans aren't very tight - I'm not trying to look like a douche, and actually, some of my friends tell me that the reason I don't have a gf is that I'm not enough of a douche - I'm too nice. -CDHagg Hate is cyclical, but it is crucial to the balance of the SF universe.  Don't upset the balance, go with the...
  Glad you're so concerned about my health, Synth.  Yes, the date went well.   [[SPOILER]]
First date.  We went to a nice authentic Italian restaurant, and I spent way more than I wanted to.       Silk scarf Custom Custom (covered placket, 'sup Bows) Dior 19cm Suede sidezips
If it's just for wearing under other shirts, check out Emporio Armani.  They have really comfortable, slim undershirts.   Not that I'm advocating undershirts...
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