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Sorry about the dirty mirror       Hand-knit scarf Geller Uniqlo no vis: navy pants no vis: black shoes     [[SPOILER]]
   fuck you
Holiday Party     [[SPOILER]]
I don't get this, but maybe my sense of style just isn't developed enough:  
Merry Christmas guys!     Theory MTM RL EA (no vis)
  What does this even mean? How on earth am I connected with this screenshot?
Most guys wear expensive or good-looking shit up top, but with crappy shoes.  That kills it for me.
  Few things...   - The scarf was a last-ditch effort to stay warm (once I realized it was a little chilly outside).  Probably should have given it more thought. - The jeans aren't very tight - I'm not trying to look like a douche, and actually, some of my friends tell me that the reason I don't have a gf is that I'm not enough of a douche - I'm too nice. -CDHagg Hate is cyclical, but it is crucial to the balance of the SF universe.  Don't upset the balance, go with the...
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