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Lol I'm doing the robopose. I always catch a ton of crap when I do anything with my arms or legs. I think from now on I'll do my fit pics in upward dog.Btw thumbs up to kgfan, sry im on iOS
  tee Dior Officine Creative Italia
 Why?  It being opposites day means that Mr. Moo is, in fact, happy!   [[SPOILER]]
Breaking news - it's opposites day!
 Yeah medium sounds right.
Concerning the shirt tuck...  I didn't tuck in my shirt in that last fit because, yes, I thought it looked better, but there were also a couple of more practical reasons.    A), it's really really hot and humid, and an untucked shirt aids cooling, and B) because the shirt is linen, it creases around the waist and sticks out in an unattractive manner when I tuck it in.   For this reason I rarely - if ever - tuck in my linen shirts.  I'll definitely consider the...
 No.  Not "duh."  Even an unstructured blazer can have a slight hourglass shape, but this one doesn't.
 Thanks!   You talking about the blue unstructured/ragged blazer?  It's ok... the fit is underwhelming, even for an unstructured blazer, and since it really doesn't have any shape I don't button it ever.  Might look better on someone more muscular.
@sexonfabric What shoes?
  The shirt is white and the jeans are blue... you didn't mention that combination... is it ok?   Edit: was being sarcastic, not asking for approval.  Read between the lines.
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