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  True.  Lots of options doesn't necessarily equal coolness, and I'd be the first to affirm that Houston, while having many opportunities to do stuff and many different venues, isn't really very hip.  I'm just rather satistied that according to the charts, Houston is the place to be (even if it is a lie).
Send him a PM and tell him you'd like to purchase.   I'm a US 9, and I got 270s (haven't arrived yet so I don't know how they fit).  Zeemon says 270 is good for US 9 feet.
Just to be clear, NYC is 10 and Houston is 1.   I think the intersection of the sets is what it is partly because of the deciding factors in the ranking.  Cities with the most X or lots of Y opportunites ranked higher because they had more.  And bigger cities usually have more of everything. 
According to Forbes, Houston is now the hippest, coolest city in America.   Now I can die in peace, knowing that my hometown has achieved greatness.
  Lol wat?
The jacket is too big in the shoulders. Way too big. Just get rid of it and get a new one.
Does the Dior boutique in Boston sell men's jeans and other items of men's clothing?
About how long does the delivery of Zeemon's GATS take for U.S. residents?  He shipped my Gats out a week ago, and I'm wondering when I should expect them.
 This forum doesn't follow the conventions of normal real-life society.  I agree that SW&D could be more polite, but I don't forsee that anything's going to change anytime soon.  Don't let it get to you - we're all just random douchebag strangers who have zero importance in your life, and if you can put it in that perspective you'll be alright.   If you can handle the criticism, though, it can be a good thing.  You'll get completely honest opinions.  Your real-life...
PM sent.
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