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Just got in my 270s from Zeemon.  I'm a US 9, and now that I'm wearing these 270s it seems that 275 might have been better.  In any case, 265 would have been much too small.
Where'd you get the shirt? I've seen it in a couple of places, but can't remember where. What is the feel/fit like?
I was being facetious.
Made in Vietnam.
Banana Republic soft-wash tees are basically the same as Everlane tees, but with a thicker, more plush fabric.  The seams and overall construction look completely identical to me.  The only other differences are that BR tees are a little more expensive and are cut a little differently.
Lol did Raymond Carver write this?  As a sequel?
  Lol I don't think so...
  True.  Lots of options doesn't necessarily equal coolness, and I'd be the first to affirm that Houston, while having many opportunities to do stuff and many different venues, isn't really very hip.  I'm just rather satistied that according to the charts, Houston is the place to be (even if it is a lie).
Send him a PM and tell him you'd like to purchase.   I'm a US 9, and I got 270s (haven't arrived yet so I don't know how they fit).  Zeemon says 270 is good for US 9 feet.   http://www.styleforum.net/u/90476/zeemon
Just to be clear, NYC is 10 and Houston is 1.   I think the intersection of the sets is what it is partly because of the deciding factors in the ranking.  Cities with the most X or lots of Y opportunites ranked higher because they had more.  And bigger cities usually have more of everything. 
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