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  Well, he thought I was saying that he needs to become an asshole to get to the next level... you seemed to be in agreement with what I was saying, even though I was saying something completely different.   Oh, and I don't actually live in Houston anymore.  I visit on occasion, but I'm glad to be gone.   NOBD - great fit.  One of your best I think.
  Boat shoes in winter.   And how about sunglasses at night?  Wearing shades while hitting up the clubs when you can barely see anyway makes you look so damn pretentious.
  Casey, do you have a pair of brown chukkas?   I kind of really like this, but I also kind of think different footwear would make it better.     You commented after I did that I was being honest, or something like that.   BTW what ever happened to our meetup?  We were going to do a Houston meetup or something, but it never happened...
  Yeah, a long time ago.
  You look fucking legit.  Keep the beard, and the clothes.
  Dude... I'm on your side.  I was saying that I don't think you're a troll.  I understand where you're coming from.  Life got better for me once I stopped caring so much about SF.
My gut tells me he's legit.  I used to have the same mindset/attitude, and I wasn't trolling.
  Liam... is this actually you?  You grew a beard?  This looks nothing like you.
  I'm still here, still post fits occasionally, just don't have time to be regular.   But yeah... elisix is basically CDHagg v.2.0
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