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  Casey, do you have a pair of brown chukkas?   I kind of really like this, but I also kind of think different footwear would make it better.     You commented after I did that I was being honest, or something like that.   BTW what ever happened to our meetup?  We were going to do a Houston meetup or something, but it never happened...
  Yeah, a long time ago.
  You look fucking legit.  Keep the beard, and the clothes.
  Dude... I'm on your side.  I was saying that I don't think you're a troll.  I understand where you're coming from.  Life got better for me once I stopped caring so much about SF.
My gut tells me he's legit.  I used to have the same mindset/attitude, and I wasn't trolling.
  Liam... is this actually you?  You grew a beard?  This looks nothing like you.
  I'm still here, still post fits occasionally, just don't have time to be regular.   But yeah... elisix is basically CDHagg v.2.0
  The waist could be a little bigger too.  These jeans are just too constricting - feels bad and looks bad.  I could size up one without having them fall down, but that probably wouldn't make the thighs bigger enough - which is why I'm asking for suggestions for a better model/brand.
So, my APC NC jeans in size 28 fit me like this:     They are too tight in the thighs and the calves, and getting tighter as I my legs get bigger (from lifting).  Would a pair of NS jeans in 29 do the trick?
    Soia & Kyo, a small Canadian brand.  The jacket cost about $100, but it's well-made and I wear it a lot.  Lol I'm constantly being asked about it here on SF.
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