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******  Note:  I'm selling these shoes on eBay.  If you'd like to purchase, please do so through eBay. ***** ************************* Auction starts at $265.  Or, Buy It Now for $95 plus shipping. **************************   For sale is a rare set of LV monogrammed sneakers.  They feature the iconic Damier graphite check, and LV monogramming on the tongue.   These shoes are...
******  Note:  I'm selling these shoes on eBay.  If you'd like to purchase, please do so through eBay. ***** ***************************************** Buy It Now for $95 plus shipping. *******************************************   For sale are a pair of Men's Nike LeBron Silhouette XI Terracotta Warrior in Grey, size US11   Excellent condition.  Soles show slight signs of wear...
****  NOTE: I AM SELLING THESE SHOES ON EBAY  *******   More photos on Ebay   These shoes retail at Neiman Marcus for over $600.  The Vibram sole protectors I added cost over $100, bringing the value of these shoes to over $700.   Worn for 3 or 4 days before I realized they were too small for me.   Uppers have slight creasing.   Ferragamo's EE size is closer to a regular...
  Yeah I was here for the SVB nuptials.  Casey are you in med school or nursing school or something?  I seem to remember seeing you in scrubs.
Hey guys, I've been gone for a few months. What did I miss?  Anyone get married?   Woah Casey, you look pretty chill. 
Hey everyone, it's been a while.  Haven't had time to browse the thread in a while, but I'm sure you guys are tearing it up.    Anyway, here are some shitty mirror pics.    [[SPOILER]]
  I think the general style would work for you, but not this pair... too grandmotherly, as Benes said.
Lol I don't actually need one.   I'm just plugging for T's business.
Hey guys, I'm looking for a new pocket square... any ideas where I can find one???   [[SPOILER]]
For sale is a pair of black oxford shoes by Santoni.   Size: U.S. 9 Condition: 7/10 Best for: narrow foot Construction: Bologna Length of sole: ~12.25 in.
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