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Going to own my 1st Panta tie...I'm looking forward to it!
I couldn't agree more with you dude. I would have really enjoyed seeing more of Meyer Lansky and Lucky Lucciano.    
  That dudes knot is WEAK! Definitely doesn't win the Pepsi Challenge.
WOW...are you serious?? Incredible find...KUDOS 2 U!!  
Forget going to the store, just visit the Spoo shop...he's got what you need!
THANKS for this video Dig...much appreciated!!!  
Now that's must see TV..I hope you do it soon...please!!!  
Spoo, now that I made another purchase can I please get the FIH lesson??!! Looking forward to it!    
Spoo, those vintage Hermes ties are F-ING gorgeous!! Might I ask where you found those beauties???
I am glad that you enjoyed it!!! Yes, that is a sweet to the great Pete Townshend.    
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