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UPDATE...   I sent the guy an email letting him know that I would be asking for a refund once I got the tie. This was his response:   I guarantee that this is 100% authentic Hermes tie purchased years ago from the authorized Hermes store. I just found that I forgot to provide you picture #5 showing the lining of this tie. You can now see the picture 5 from this link ( This tie...
First of all, thank you all so mch for your help. This is frustrating but a good learning experience. I will definitely look into purchasing some ties from members of this forum!
any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Yeah, I'm sure I could shave a couple of bucks off going somewhere else. But, I don't mind paying for the convenience.      Also, those prices aren't "before delivery".....they include it.
I use PRESS delivery dry-cleaning. Love them for all of my clothes.
Ok guys, first post here. I have just recently started upgrading my wardrobe from what I would call "just out of college" to "young professional". I would like to purchase a few Hermes ties, but simply can't swing retail right now. So..I have been doing some searching on Ebay and recently purchased the tie featured in the link below. I wish I had found this forum before, but purchased the tie before doing too much...
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