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Intern wanting to dress like a partner, except minus the degree, self-earned wealth, or success.   GO FOR IT BRO
I know you're of the Queen and all that, but over here in the states lots of people from other colleges tend to crash the party schools on the weekends.  Assuming you aren't a hermit and end up becoming associated with somewhat social people, you will inevitably find out about the nearby ragers and trek forth to conquer.     PS:   Also consider if you enjoy being more middle of the pack or super brainy relative to your student base.  It really does impact the way you...
Yeah posting those Ferragamos without an NSFW spoiler was rude.  I need to clean the bottom of my desk up now...
The jacket still has tags on it and basted pockets... hint hint nudge nudge
I'll bite.  I just needed to do some thrift therapy after a rough couple of days, so I wanted to do something nice out of something bad.  Shirt is accounted for, and I let that go for $20, and I just want to get the jacket gone for the $40 I paid plus $6 for shipping.  Paying it forward or something like that...    
Thrift store near me did some reorganizing and I found a couple things here that I'd love to pass on at cost +shipping.   Borrelli handmade for Neiman Marcus 16/42 (little bit large for that tagged size, I can get some measurements up if anyone likes)     [[SPOILER]] NWT Hickey half lined navy blazer with Hickey-logo'd dark horn buttons 46R     [[SPOILER]]   I have no need for these as they are not my size but I'd like to see them go to a good home.  PM me for dibs.  
Straight up Duke of Windsor steeze.    
^ Secondary dibs dibs redacted because I'm a dumbass who wanted to buy a flannel suit to wear in Los Angeles.
This really can be summed up with two questions to anyone who wishes to embark upon this stylistic endeavor:   Are you in a frat?   Does your mother dress you in the morning?   If you can answer yes to either (or both), lock and load.
I have never thrifted an item that doesn't fit me before, but today some larger benefactor decided to drop off the motherlode of basic shirts in ~17/43.  I grabbed these since I know there are some people on here that can fit these and I would rather a catch like this stays in the thread than gets split up.   More details to come, but here's a quick teaser:   Moreno Martini de Firenze x2, Dolce and Gabbana Made in Italy, Zegna, linen Zegna, Zegna, Zegna, XII...
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