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Do you guys think poplin dress pants looks good with dress shirts? These cotton pants seem to be more reliable than my wool pants.
Are they good quality shirts? I dont care for brand names. All i care is for the quality of the material.
Wtf. Where do i get the one's without a pocket? I go to the Brooks Brothers over at fulton and they all have pockets.
Hello everybody. What are some good quality shirts to buy without a chest pocket. I love my Brooks Brother shirts but hate the pockets. Also, i dont want to "break the bank" in buying a shirt. I am 25 and live in NY
I read a thread on the forums where i can get Brooks Brothers suit jacket for $100 in outlet store. Is this good quality or some cheap spinoff?
I live in NY so i have access to a variety of selections. I did some research online and found mixed reviews for Brooks Brother, Charles Tyrwhitt, TM Lewin. My price range is $300 and used suits are out of the question.
Are charles tyrwhitt shirts any good?>
What are some good quality dress shirts for young men (23 years old) that i can get?
Because they have the best discount.
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