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Having nothing better to do with my time, I'm watching three days to kill, the recent Kevin Costner movie. Couldn't help but notice that he's wearing a Steve McQueen explorer 2. At first I thought it might've been a Steinhardt or something else, but lo and behold here's the close-up. The watch is set at 10/2200 hrs.and the scene takes place in broad daylight. Meh.
He means a trackpad that behaves like an iOS screen - tracking, hard and and soft press, etc. 
 Nope. http://www.natostrap.com/Home/Custom_Straps/Custom_Straps.html
I like the idea of the Sistem 51 more than the execution.
Passed by union square store on the way to dinner. Shorter line, no more FOBs.
It looks like I can't upload images to anything via Safari. Facebook images work fine. But I just tried three different bulletin boards just now which is three different platforms and none of them will do pictures. Edited to add: I just tried uploading a pic using this goofy minimal browser that came with my printer, and it worked fine. So the picture upload issue is definitely limited to Safari.
Alright alright alright,... In which case the Stowa Marine Auto polished, and it's heavily discounted now:https://www.stowa.de/lshop,showdetail,14114135227207,en,1411414202-12879,marine,marineautdatum,1,Tshowrub--marine,.htm
Looks like I can't upload pics to SF now on my iPad, in either desktop or mobile mode.
This is a funny response, but it's close to the truth. If you scroll back up to the top slowly the control bar and tabs will reappear only when you get back to the very top of the page. If you scroll back up fast, then the bars appear immediately.
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