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It's going to get worse. Apparently, Rolex just got a patent for a phosphorescent ceramic.
Oh Dear.
 I think if you take a better offer after closing then you need to accept the fact that you've created ill will as a seller. A close is a close. My own practice has been to require immediate payment on BIN, and payment within 5 bizdays on winning auction bids. If on a forum buy someone asks for time to make a transfer, I'll honor it so long as the time is reasonable. If those conditions aren't met then I feel free to reoffer, either to the next highest bidder, or to a late...
I once had an unfortunate colleague who was afflicted with this sort of thing. His daily costume consisted of bow tie, clip on suspenders, a striped short sleeve shirt, and a pair of cotton trousers. The tie, suspenders, the stripes on the shirt, and the trousers always matched in color. He had several variations of this outfit, in different colors. One day he would wear bright blue, the next day bright red, etc. They always seem to be elemental colors of some kind....
Ah hell. I forgot the Tom of Finland pics...
Choosing btw the white and black Ex2 dials is hard. On one hand, the white dial makes it look huge. On the other hand the white gold plots and hands on the black one just look wrong to me. I'd like to see the floating hands accent on the white version or blued (or unframed) plots and matte or white hands on the black one.
Supreme Gold TWAT Commander!
 Fair enough. So why DON'T you dig for stuff to post here? Isn't that the whole point of the thread?
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