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A decent IWB holster will have loops, not a clip. And any belt holster, even an IWB, should be worn with a proper gunbelt. 
An automatic might in fact be better if there are temperature extremes.
Unfortunately,Apple chose a horrible olive brown color for one of their leather cases. It literally looks like a stale chocolate bar.
Just about the only. Choice is the SNE Starfish. Nice enough, apart from the TAG Heuerish bezel. http://www.creationwatches.com/products/blowout-sale-211/seiko-solar-mens-scuba-divers-sports-watch-sne107p1-sne107-sne107p-2763.html
I wear Whisky Craftsmans with my mid grey suits. Wouldn't do blue or charcoal, though. The Chestnut is dark enough to wear with those and the side gores don't stand out. 
Ah. In the meantime, things taste better with super happy fun watch.
Anyone know whether the new update fixes the pic upload issue with Safari? Alternatively any recommendations for an alternative browser which allows pic upload (unlike Safari currently) and allows for Facebook login api (unlike Chrome)?
Brilliant. I'm going to have to resume my search for one of those television shaped El Primeros.
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