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More like she found me!
The Comfort Craftsman and Comfort Turnout have different construction from either the standard or the Dynamic Flex Craftsman.The Comfort boots do not have a removable innersole if I remember correctly. The Dynamic Flex Craftsman does have a removable innersole, as do the Stockyard boots, such as the Mallee.However I find these innersoles to be somewhat middling quality, with a relatively short life. Not something that you would want to buy to use in another boot. In fact,...
No escape, I guess.
Well, it IS Beirut. If someone wants to make an ironic statement with their home, why not? It's a pretty spectacular house in any case.
Very cool Tissot.
Thanks. I may just ask the local SC for a reaction. 
Yep. Didn't think there was a "New Coke" yet. So do you think it's possible to buy a Submariner or Explorer II braceles separately from an AD? Or do you think it would be simpler to just have the bracelet brushed only to have Rolex shine up if you ever send it in for service?
DG, you have a great collection of watches. My problem is that I'll get fascinated with one brand or product line and get multiple examples, and then eventually get bored. Like owning three Rolexi or Sinn or now high-end Seiko, and then wishing for more variety.
Yes, please. The Shogun deserves more mention here for a number of reasons and if there is a price criteria for the thread it certainly meets it.IS THIS REAL?! If so and in steel with an all brushed bracelet I'm buying it. Been thinking about flipping some watches and getting a BLNR but the bracelet keeps putting me off. Maybe I could convince an AD to throw in a Sub bracelet? Nah...The price yes, but I went thru a Tropical Tudor phase myself....
Yeah, I think we're heading into the realm of hyperbole here. The Daytona auction is not as ridiculous as this auction on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261508138227 A well weathered Tudor Sub, head only, for $15,000.
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