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I couldn't help but be reminded of Blue Ruin when I heard about the Palin family brawl last month.    So, it looks like Netflix has the entire series of Californication up for streaming. Or (Cleveland) Steaming, if you will.   They also now have Rescue Dawn, which is a very un-Herzog-like Werner Herzog film. Very fun to watch, although it'd be even better if they had "Little Dieter Needs To Fly" to bookend it. 
I have a cheap Brookstone winder that I keep a 6309 and my Orient Star running on. Everything else I wind my self - in fact Seiko says you shouldn't use winders with their Spring Drive watches and that they'll void the warranty.    Sad to hear about Eterna, as they're a classic brand with some technical history behind them. 
I'd love to put up more pix of Ossipoff houses, as well as Alfred Preis houses. Preis did some great houses, but generally they're only on the web when they're up for sale. Alfred Preis is best known for the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and for coming up with the often irritating concept of mandating public art for new development.
Spent all morning changing dates, but picked up this one to wear afterwards. Hot day today.
 You realize that just because you've posted this, I'm going to have to stay up until midnight tonight just to watch mine turn over. 
I think some liquid should be poured on this fire.  
So much for predictive text
I ordered online and will probably get it next month. It's a phone, I can wait.   If you need one right now,perhaps this is an option:   You Bend, You Buy
Liljestrand House 3300 Tantalus Drive Honolulu Vladimir Ossipoff, Architect 1952                                   http://architizer.com/projects/liljestrand-house/   http://theliljestrandhouse.com/gallery.html
Well, there's the battery. Also a quartz crystal will oscillate at different rates at different temps. It'd still be much more accurate than an auto, but figure even the cheapest auto will vary like 15 secs per day. As far as reliability over a short period there's really no difference, especially if you keep the watch on.    Edited to add: in general I think the main factor for what you're undertaking will be the durability of the watch case. In which case a Seiko 007...
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