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Seiko Citizen Orient Tissot
It's 82 in Potrero Hill right now. Wearing shorts.    Yesterday's fit was a sky blue Guayabera, Uniqlo khakis, Boat shoes and a Panama. Nothing else. It's hot up here. 
I think "Cockend" would suffice.
Oh come on. Foo doesn't set out to deliberately offend, if anything he parodies himself at times. Reevolving is just a fucking ingrate.
Fluted bezel & strap wins.
This is the essence of this guy. He only cares about clothing in the context of trolling a clothing forum. The suicide shoes thread was horrible and he should've been banned then.
Well, if we're learning anything, it's that Cappelini is a shitshow. 
I just thought of something: an M-60 with incendiary or armor piercing incendiary ammunition would be perfect for just blowing up a meth lab from a distance. Unless, of course, it's in a school bus thats buried in the ground. But another RV out in the middle of the desert...
The trend toward austerity which started during the Momoyama/late Muromachi period extended only to personal dress and fashion. Architecture was still quite ornate. Among some daimyo, there was also the introduction of some western style decoration and architecture. This changed after the sumptuary laws of the Tokugawa were first enacted in 1615.
Tailored coat with a plaid shirt and cargo pants. It looks basically like he has nothing else to wear.
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