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Good points all. But then you come home to your neighbors:
No, I'm assuming that Stickley Mission is "honest" but their derivative collections are not. Also I'm talking the new production items, not antiques.
So, is everything in a new Stickley catalog apart from the core Mission stuff ConTrad? I miss wood.
Tell that to Julie Christine Day.I know a few cab drivers. I have met and know a couple of cab company owners, as well as their lobbyists. I take cabs only when I absolutely have to.I actually took one today from Caltrain to Wingtip. The bastard started whining because I paid with my card. The cab racket is set up from the start to be oppositional and rent-seeking.
I must've wore this today
I do believe he's referring to this: http://sf.curbed.com/archives/2013/07/23/the_appeals_never_end_for_the_706_missionmexican_museum_project.php
Which strangely brings us back on topic: Matt, you admit your apartment is indeed ConTrad, Why not go all the way? You could go to those horrible stores in Chinatown and buy some of those horrible bonded bronze statuary things that look like bad copies of Remington, But in giant fun size. Most of those stores are owned by Albanian/Chechen/Balkan gangsters, you know, like in season two of The Wire, so I'm sure they're easy to negotiate with.
It could be worse. I used to work in that monstrosity owned by the Trinity people across from UN Plaza. All white marble and green oxidized copper. Plus Angelo has a fetish for Romanesque statuary. There was even a coffee shop in the lobby that blared three tenors music 24 seven. You could avoid most of it by going out the back, but then you'd be fighting off the junkies. I actually walked that way out to the parking lot with my boss one day and we found a dildo on the...
Another big plus in itself is the M&P22. It's cheap, duplicates the controls of the full size versions, and is more accurate and reliable than conversion units. Nevertheless, I'll probably never buy an M&P. You see, it's not German.
We have a ConTrad shrine here in SF as well. It's pretty awful.
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