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I'm afraid not, but it looks like the exterior reflects the interior:http://www.archdaily.com/26634/beth-sholom-stanley-saitowitz-natoma-architects/I have been inside two of Saitowitz' residential projects. He does seem to get the concrete thing right. Though on one of them I noticed the BMR unit had a clear view from the street into the bathroom.
In San Bruno.
The Onion is no longer funny. It hasn't been since they hit the Internet. I'm holding off until the 6. Thank you for beta testing.
Thank you.All these pictures were taken by me personally. They represent the best views that I could come up with of spaces that impressed me in their context. Ultimately, buildings are places where people work, live, play, worship, etc.Unfortunately, I never got large-scale view pictures of Zucotti Park during Occupy. Nevertheless, the blue tarp tents are buildings, albeit temporary ones.
There is trickle down branding in the clothing world. If you can't bespeak a suit from Timothy Everest or Richard James you can buy a suit off the peg from high street shops. Even Sexton is doing MTM. I suspect there's a growing trend of trickle down aspirational brands...
Yep, those look like my 9h Craftsmans.
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