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Great choice Stitchy, the turnograph would be my choice if ever limited to just one watch...
Except that the 3570.50 has also seen EVA time, and will likely continue to do so. It's still the only watch qualified for EVA by NASA.That ain't Skylab or the Apollo Soyuz in the background. It's the ISS.Even the X33 isn't qualified for EVA due to the alarm diaphragm. If the Daytona were a better choice, I'm sure Putin could've stolen some for his Cosmonauts.Keep in mind of course, I never said the Daytona wasn't an exquisite piece of craftsmanship. It is. But it...
My choice between the two would be the Speedy. To me, a chronograph is a working watch, a tool. It should look workmanlike. The Speedmaster is eminently legible. As elegant as the Daytona may be, it's nowhere near as clear to read. I don't doubt that it has a higher spec movement, but given that the Speedmaster survived NASA tests and use, does it matter? Granted the Rolex will run smoother and be more accurate and as an automatic will be more convenient. But we're...
Crewdogs shoulda drank more Lipovitan.
I'll offer a rebuttal to all this later, but for now we need more pics of Rolexes and food.
We are all outmatched.
People are wearing them without socks on laundry day.
  I refuse to recognize the existence of a Lexington street in San Francisco. It's certainly nothing like the real one.
No, Bartlett.   http://www.yelp.com/biz/mission-and-bartlett-garage-san-francisco-2
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