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I like the new case bevel. Perhaps Rolex should start doing this. As far as the rest they should've gone all the way and made a matte dial. (Urk, I'm speaking of the Rolex a few posts up of course) The Celadon watch looks beautiful.
Good answer!
 I will agree that this is the best looking watch in the GS line. It's a homage to their hi-beat watches from the 60's, and if the made a version of the watch as a Spring Drive with luminous I'd snap it up. But they most likely won't make such a version simply because it's meant as a reissue/homage. Not sure I agree with you on many of the other criticisms. A GS' inner works are truly 100% in-house down to the elemental parts. As for the styling I would admit yes, the...
    Now be truthful. Which is more interesting?
 What else was I supposed to get out of the response "WTF is wrong with you?" Is this an attempt at argument or a dick-measuring contest? Or just more of your groupthink snobbery? The Occupy Wall Street camp did have social significance, and there was an architectural dimension to it. If nothing else it disrupted the surrounding space. I certainly don't laud what happened there as it was clear that they lost the bubble on what they wanted to accomplish, and then in the end...
 Why is this abusive crap tolerated? Your entire mien in this thread and others is shitty. It detracts from anything constructive you're trying to convey. Although I doubt you're trying to convey anything other than pseudointellectualism and raw snobbery.  Tell you what - I'll keep posting my views, and you can post your own. I'll keep responding to your idiocy in a civil but forthright manner. You can continue with the abuse that makes you less and less sympathetic to...
On one level yes. But Lexus and Infiniti as brands are essentially products of US import controls. They then took off globally (well, Lexus did), but a lot of their cars are sold under the parent marque in to Japan market.
What is wrong is that incurious folk like you and SH often forget the social aspects of architecture.http://archinect.com/blog/article/26650876/occupy-what-architecture-can-doTemporary structures can be as significant as any of the doll houses that have been posted here as of late.http://www.ted.com/talks/shigeru_ban_emergency_shelters_made_from_paper.html
I'm afraid not, but it looks like the exterior reflects the interior:http://www.archdaily.com/26634/beth-sholom-stanley-saitowitz-natoma-architects/I have been inside two of Saitowitz' residential projects. He does seem to get the concrete thing right. Though on one of them I noticed the BMR unit had a clear view from the street into the bathroom.
In San Bruno.
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