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You did ask for a purist, task- oriented kitchen. There it is!
This is now my wallpaper. Thanks.
Is this still going on?
Something tells me that the cost\benefit ratio of phone theft rules out mayhem.
Space for laying out the plastic sheeting and hefty bags I would guess.
 I like this. This is obviously a redeveloped loft space so there are some interesting challenges being met here.
 Oh Good! I can troll that one too!
I do know that sort of project is not for me. For one thing, my bedroom door has to be within 10 feet of the bathroom door or else. 
Quite possibly. But with housing in major cities dancing around $1,000 per sf, it makes an interesting choice as opposed to a microstudio, shacking up in functionally obsolescent apartments or long commutes. Moreover, it allows to an extent for raising kids versus two of those other choices.
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