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None of you read the article I take it.    This is happening everywhere. SF may have a small amount more of it, but it's the same everywhere. 
And now, why everyone in SF hates everyone else: http://t.co/bQ5CU98qn8
Tell me about it. I have two 70s era rolexes, neither have quickset dates. Neither does my new Seiko because of the GMT hand. Further, Seiko warns against using a winder with the Spring Drive, which is why they all have power reserve indicators.
I think this is right on target, as it were. But I also suspect it may involve a firing solenoid and a remote control...
Meanwhile, the Revolution starts Tomorrow.     
Science Fiction films: Event Horizon The (original)Andromeda Strain Planet of the Apes (original, and apparently none of the sequels) Strange Days Barbarella The Final Countdown Pi Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Slaughterhouse Five eXistenZ The Crow Rollerball (original) Lockdown Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan (Which cannot be found in search under Star Trek, but only under "Khan") Apparently, Netflix has unfixed their horrible search function.
I routinely walk between downtown and the wharf. Often between the wharf and the marina. Sometimes between the Richmond and the wharf. A good weekend walk from the wharf through Fort Mason, Crissy Field and the Presidio and ending with a movie at the Four Star or the Balboa can be nice. Walking from the wharf to the Zoo would be a bit much. And Filbert Street makes a nice shortcut to Polk, so long as I don't need to smell good. I live in a van down by the wharf.
If I remember right the M60 is lighter than the MAG/M240, and has a forearm for dismounted use. It was also something of a turd design with many problems. The front cap of the gas cylinder would shake off, so you had to tie wire on to it. If you were sloppy you could reassemble it after field stripping it with the operating rod reversed. It would sometimes keep firing after you released the trigger, so you'd have to twist the ammo belt to stop it. Which is why the MAG...
It's hard to describe the Spring Drive experience without video.   
I suspect this will change as they now have a relationship with LV MH. Since I'm cheap, I am not enthusiastic. I suspect a lot of the price difference goes to taxes however. In addition to engaging in tax evasion with RM Williams boots, I've bought Heschung shoes from French stores online and saved considerable money. Those Noyers that you could easily spend $700 for at Barney's cost a little over $400 if you buy from a French shipper. Paraboot, on the other hand, is much...
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