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Note that the creepy part is that he's not wearing boots.
Well that certainly makes him less frightening!
Well, here is the high end. Keep in mind, this is a Japanese made replica of the Vietnam era M65. Very high quality and I assume Streetwear sized. You could go with one from Alpha, or vintage. You will definitely have to size down with the Alpha. Lots of Streetwear brands make M65-like coats in a range...
When I grow up, I want to be Mohair Boy!
I assume everyone recognizes this project: the Marina City Apartments in Chicago. Here is an example of a better interior:
Does it have to be suede? There are a few military field jackets I could think of, including the well-worn M65. The difficulty is sizing it right. Military clothing is often oversized to accommodate layering, so if you get one in your labeled size it invariably looks baggy.
Thanks for posting this. It explains my "genteel poverty" reference."Wabi" on its own is simplicity. "Wabi" with "Sabi" denotes simplicity combined with an appreciated and gradual degradation in the way we differentiate "patina" from "rust."Both can be taken to extremes, which in itself can become pretentious.
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