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This thread has confirmed my suspicions about Ed and Reevolving. They are both the same moron. And now he has this sock puppet account which pretends to be female. He created a female sock puppet account on Facebook so that he could troll for pictures of naked boys wearing pressure cooking backpacks. Women do not post on StyleForum. No sane woman would ask a bunch of aimless men about how to vacuum a chair. Now, kindly click on this link: http://youtu.be/X84tlNzppyw....
It's an airport restaurant. Even if you did eat there, you wouldn't remember it.
Tokyo has the same thing with stairs in metro stations. I'm now trained to walk on the left whenever using stairs.
Right now in CM there are two popular threads on watches, one is more "technical" than the other, but both are focused on the the aesthetic/sartorial aspects related to CM. I'm sure there could be a more SWD focused one as well. In any case none seem to venture deeply into WIS territory. It's all about context.
I would go with JLibourel's advice, apart from switching the colors of the shirt and tie. Maybe go self stripes on the black suit.
Is this still going on? Jesus, just click on this already. http://youtu.be/X84tlNzppyw
Colt blue is a thing of beauty, even when it plums out. I'll have to post my 1892.
There is good sushi at Ryoko's, across from the Bohemian Club. Also they may well have the best tori karaage around. But it's noisy and full of young people. Also the nameless place across from the Balboa Theater. Also, Katsu on Columbus, but you guys can't go there. I go there.
All really gorgeous choices here. Here's what I really wore yesterday, decided to go funky: Getting used to the modified bezel. I'd like to see somebody make a GMT watch with a countdown bezel, but this will have to do in the meantime. In the meantime, I'm waiting for my actual new GMT to arrive. It will be equally funky. In fact it pretty much breaks all my usual watch rules. We'll see when it gets here.
New Posts  All Forums: