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Who is Damon Wayans?
When I first met Kamala Harris, I thought she was Christie Turlington.
Well they did leave the screenshot.
There are nood pics of Anna Gunn on the inter-webs. She has nice titties. She is attractive in a sort of Valkyrie way.
Geez. She could've just gotten one of those positive pregnancy tests off of craigslist.
Dang, you're a hothead. Just like Napoleon.
Skylar has been doing her best to protect the entire family through the whole show. Even the whole thing with Benneke started in order to provide for the household. Meanwhile, there's nothing particularly "evil" about Walt. He made a bad choice, which led to further bad choices down the line. The circumstances caused by those choices led him into behaviors based upon the source of resentments that ordinary people have. This is generally how crime happens, though generally...
They deleted that? So they deleted my screenshot as well or they just didn't know to do that? I have had posts deleted as well. Somebody is obtuse and has no sense of humor.
New Posts  All Forums: