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I'm not sure whether these are creepy. But they are sad.
Not creepy. It has to be worn by a real person. Unless Cindy Sherman took the photo, of course.
Is this still going on?   What about the cork shoes?
Those shoes are awful.
This is wonderful.
Actually that one does come out creepy, but only because the ensemble is being worn by a middle aged man with a bald head and a phone. In general, any time an older man wear clearly juvenile clothing, the potential for creepiness is there. For instance
The presence of Harry Hamlin and the increasingly humunculal story lines make me wonder if we're going the way of LA Law. I await episodes featuring lesbianism, bestiality, sex fart anguish, and teaching mentally challenged file clerks how to use prophylactics.
Again first one silly; second one, creepy.
New Chucks for summer. Trying not to get shoyu on them. If this shows up in the creepy thread I'll sue.
This is creepy. In general most any search on eBay for "singlet" will get you at least one creepy sartorial image.         I'm not sure about this one    
New Posts  All Forums: