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Son, are you on The Drugs?
I have found myself in the position of having wanted to time a trip and then forget to stop and record the time, letting the chrono run for several hours in the process.
I was going to ask "Is this still going on?" But rather instead I will simply point out That with 100 posts There is yet to be Any allusions to Falling Down...
I think it's related to the My Lil Bronie phenomenon.
I understand that there are places for this. They have various walls, barrels and plaster animal statues with holes in them.
You. Can. Always. Buy. Vintage.
How Original.
I thought it was quite good, though not as good as District 9. It's definitely worth seeing.
Only after they parole the BART hominid and move him into it.
This thread has become a sock drawer. Reev, stop this. Karl Rove doesn't need you to help him sell knockoff chairs. You know he has them all bugged, right?
New Posts  All Forums: