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You all do realize that when you get older you will end up saying "fuck it" and all end up with something like this for a coffee table:
If NHK ever did a remake of the Prisoner they could shoot it at Meiji Mura.                        
Wait. Move the ficus orbs and put these up in their place. http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/erin-m-riley
And just so Foo doesn't feel too chuffed, here's a picture of me in one of my David Reeves suits.
What is it with women from Bari and man hands? It must've been the mustard gas. Foo's a lawyer. I would think that would dictate much of his manner and personally I see nothing wrong with it. It's entertaining. Also, much like Ms. Della Russo, he seems (to me anyway) to desire a semiotic interpretation of personal style.
Superb fit overall frills. Meanwhile I'm still wearing my "Starfleet B-Uhr"
Speaking of which, this may go with the plant balls and bring some color.
I have a monograph by Merry Alpern called "Dirty Windows". But I keep it inside the coffee table, not on top.
I think it's a given that most people do not read coffee table books. People leaf through them and look at the pictures. What text there is is usually barely above caption level in content. Or are we talking about monographs?
You need some orange and brown in that room. I'd also recommend a glass top for the coffee table.
New Posts  All Forums: