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Another big plus in itself is the M&P22. It's cheap, duplicates the controls of the full size versions, and is more accurate and reliable than conversion units. Nevertheless, I'll probably never buy an M&P. You see, it's not German.
We have a ConTrad shrine here in SF as well. It's pretty awful.
Ok, when I try to post pics from my iPad using Chrome, I can't. What did you do? You just did something.
I can't post pics anymore. What did you do?
I like it.
Perhaps we could send Mr. Creosote over to review the place.
Sander, UC, Stitchy all good.
That would be me. I am considering a LEM setup for my USPC and trading one of my Sigs for a P2000SK.
Oh dear.   Anyway, in our continuing quest to put together a quasi-hierarchical list of affordable watches which would be appropriate for wear with conventional business dress, I decided to conduct a thought experiment.   I went to the Tourneau website. Now, I don't recommend that people buy watches there by any stretch of the imagination, but they do have a very comprehensive website which sorts by model price etc. I did a search for men's watches under $1000. I...
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