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That sort of cross branding is a sure sign of loss of focus.
  Perhaps they deserve it for buying a wristwatch made from such a fragile material. I don't get the who ceramic thing at all. It's not a precious metal or gemstone, and it's not a material that add technically to the watch design, so it's basically pointless. Somebody said to somebody else that ceramic would be cool to use, and damn the consequences.   I've held my peace up until now on Panerai. But the fact is they are overpriced for what they are, they started the...
Well, I guess you can stay then.
Well, I guess you can stay then.
This whole thread is gross. I vote we append it to the creepy sartorial images thread, especially before someone posts actual images.
I was actually hoping that Elmo would stay a bit longer. We had a plan for him. It involved setting his costume on fire and then driving him to Daly City blindfolded, where we'd leave him in the Jolibee parking lot wearing a plastic grocery bag for underwear.
I'm thinking we should dissuade folks with less than 500 posts from posting here. Too many of then don't get it.    Nothing posted here in the last couple days qualifies as creepy. 
I was tweaking Comrade. Ccc has good stuff generally but you should've seen their window displays when the new mgmt took over. Plaid with plaid everywhere. Still wouldn't qualify as Creep Sartorial but close. I still maintain that in order for bad taste to qualify as Creep Sartorial you need something more.
Beautiful, but wrong hands...
Is this thread merely about bad taste or creepy bad taste? The title is "Creepy Sartorial Images."   Also, as a defender of the horror that is Cable Car Clothiers, you have no business speaking of taste. 
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