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Since Droog really does sell stuff, I suspect it's real for someone willing to pay for it.
Back to basics.
Seems to me that any meaningful revenge against the Schwartzes would involve tanking their stock price rather than killing them.
Always wondered what the Aquanaut would look like with a strap. Looks good.
Have you done the Accessibility>Motion Control bit yet? 
I have a couple of nit picks: They should really put a toggle switch for location services in control centre. I use a five digit pass code. It's a compromise between a simple pass code and a more secure pass code. Why does the lock screen immediately turn off after entering a four digit pass code, but with my five digit pass code I have to press OK afterwards to unlock the screen? Dictation still seems much slower after the upgrade. No female voice for British English.
Stitchy is that a mohair blend?
I like it, though I would not wear the OCBD.
Nah. We need a higher standard for creepy.
I would agree that Lydia is a likely target for the ricin. Ricin is debilitating. There is no way that Walt would be able to do anything after he ingested himself.
New Posts  All Forums: