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Perhaps a Venn diagram is in order.
Reev, you need to stop this. 
Perhaps you could make a list and post it here. 
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Concur for the most part, you don't need more than 60 lumens in a home scenario. The question is whether they make a forend that (EDIT I guess they make them fit the Express now. Never mind, get the Surefire forend.)
Quite possibly, if we're reduced to talking about sushi.    I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that the reason I still live here is that I can't afford to live in New York. That said, I'm apprehensive at the notion of living with seasons.    I guess the question is "What is San Francisco Missing?" And while I could make a list, they aren't so critical as to drive me out. Like most places in California, the laid back vibe and natural terrain advantages (natural...
Simple and excellent.
I enjoyed both Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. However with regard to the latter, the UK original was better. Netflix has that on streaming as well.    Anyone mention Dollhouse yet? That was one of my early discoveries. Dollhouse and Nikita are kind of brainless but worth watching. 
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