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Right, but it's no longer available new, and very rare on the secondary market.
I'd like it better if they still came out with the white dial version, but overall it's a great watch.
Can you elaborate?
In other words, neo-colonialism.
Ricin takes at least 72 hours to kill and is treatable. Highly unlikely that he will use it on himself. With regard to the M60, you can fire it standing if you're a SeAL that can bench 300 pounds. Stallone fired blanks. I sure hope those aren't shark fins I'm seeing...
Money laundering?
This is great! Enjoy it!
Thats one of them. It could simply be that he's obtuse, but I still wonder. http://arstechnica.com/business/2012/05/steganography-how-al-qaeda-hid-secret-documents-in-a-porn-video/
I am ambivalent about the new BART seats. On one hand, the stench of the old ones remind me of how much I miss the St. Francis Cinema.
I'm serious guys. I think these are spam posts and the pics have malware stegged in them.
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