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You can't do classics to death.
Forgive me for suggesting a boring old standard, but Modernica is making table versions of the George Nelson lamps. http://modernica.net/lighting/table/
http://www.dezeen.com/2013/09/26/manta-ray-shaped-house-proposed-atop-an-arizona-mountain/ It looks more like a cockroach to me.
I ws thinking more the book/little house one. But there's one that looks like a bong in there too.
Kinda suprised nobody mentions that Droog, apart from its ridiculous chair, has some interesting lamps.
What they need to fix is the various apps that don't work in all screen orientations, most notably Remote.
For some reason swipe to close doesn't work for me, in either direction. I just use the x thing.Has anyone tried Coast yet? I can't make heads or tails of it.
Omg. Just went though his channel. Horrifying. Straight out of J G Ballard.
http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2013/09/the-young-breaking-bad-fan-who-died-of-cancer-contributed-a-plot-to-sundays-episode/Assuming that it's simply the ultimate fan service, you could be right. Nevertheless it would be satisfying to see Walt tank Gray Matter as a sort of coda after killing off the Aryans.I think people are forgetting that while Walt has certainly Broken Bad, he still has a code. He has no reason to kill the Schwartzes. He does see a reason to kill off their...
With regards to the GMT, I would ask why even take it off? If the watch is regularly serviced it should be watertight and easily survive a session of washing dishes.
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