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There's humor in some of these.
The Original piece was too difficult to acquire, and the script was adapted to "contemporary" sensibilities? Shocking.
Like a bad penny, the specter of Walt Odets reappears.Walt is a well known clinical psychologist from the Bay Area, and I believe he grew tired of the watch collecting hobby. He was comparing Rolex workmanship to much finer Marques, and some consider it an unfair comparison.
Yes. He wrote that song about short people. I was also under the impression that he preferred Los Angeles.
Some owners have had the links brushed; this one is on a Sub bracelet, not my pic.
That would explain a lot. Carriage return BTW, I've started using TweetDeck again and find that there is no more iOS TweetDeck app. Any recommendations for success or Apple app?
In all fairness, there is a rail mounted on the wall.
The new phones seem to be paler over all. The Space Gray is really more of a light gunmetal color.
Street House 10 MacKenzie Avenue, Toronto Constructed 1908 William Langton, Architect Renovated 2013 by gh3 Partners http://www.archdaily.com/552891/street-house-gh3/
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