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One big issue here is that marketers associate different typefaces with different brand features or product lines. So as irritating as it is for many there will end up being multiple fonts on a watch dial.
Since we're talking Nomos, what do folks think of the 30x30 Tetra?
I think in that price range, the Tudor selection will be very limited – basically bare-bones 34 mm oyster prince models. With the Seamasters, there will be a much greater variety of sizes and shapes to choose from - DeVilles, Cosmics, etc.
Fortunately Rolex has just been bought by DeBeers. All SKU suffixes will now be based on Afrikaans, not French. So from now on the BLNR will be known as the BDSM.
It seems like Rolex has been using design cues appropriated from the desires of watch bloggers and executing them in an ironic fashion. Making a Milgauss when it's no longer functionally necessary, the "mismatching" end links of the SD4000, or for that matter, the entire Tudor line. I guess you could say its like wearing a trench coat even when you're not actually in a trench.
I guess you can't satisfy everyone, even when you try.Meanwhile, here is another bad travertine house.http://www.archdaily.com/217544/travertine-dream-house-wallflower-architecture-design/Here on the other hand is a good travertine house. Unfortunately it no longer exists:http://marthamoments.blogspot.com/2013/04/remembering-bunshaft-house.htmlI guess travertine is a really controversial material to make the exterior surfaces of the house from. Who knew?
Another travertine house, I like this one better.   http://design-milk.com/italian-summer-house-covered-in-travertine-by-sundaymorning-and-massimo-fiorido-associati/                  <      
It was originally made to fulfill a profession application. Thing is, aren't almost all Rollies antimag now with the new barrel springs?
It doesn't need more furniture. It needs elevation. It's going to be underwater in 30 years. Which makes the pool deck even more ridiculous. You don't need a pool, the beach is right there. 
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