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Yes it indeed is, especially in that condition. If it were me I'd stay with the champagne dial, though. Thought you were getting a Daytona, though....
So this is now the general joke Pents thread?
So when is NonServiam's Daytona coming in?
This is insane. So I'm taking the 49 tonight after Plenary. I get on, it's hella crowded and there are two dirtbags in the back tearing up the laminated windows. 300lb Driver stops bus, gets out, walks to the back door, gets in, tells dirtbags off and ejects them from vehicle. Bus continues up Van Ness. BUT WAIT. Across the aisle is sitting some jackass who is, for lack of a better description, stimulating himself in his seat. His fly is open, and he is using a fanny...
Wearing this a lot lately.
That's not where I got them from, actually.   But generally, "creepy" to me implies some level of menace. For a fit to be creepy it needs to evoke the image of a victim or potential aggressor of some sort.
This one would be more complete with a leather apron.  
New Posts  All Forums: