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Again, I think it's the whole Japanese secret brand thing. Buzz Rickson is the same way – they really had to be coaxed into selling their products to the wider market and finally co branding with Ralph Lauren on a couple of items. I've been to couple of Tokyo Ramen shops that refuse to put signage on their doors, tell people they can't take pictures, etc. Nevertheless, in the wider world of watch buying, brand counts for a lot. At the risk of you all rolling your eyes,...
No GS yet, Dino. What I do have is a spring drive watch from Seiko's Prospex range: It's a remarkably well-designed "action watch". I'm really impressed with the design of the dial – it allows you to read local time instantly in all conditions, and it only takes about a millisecond of extra effort to make out the 24 hour time. Despite the clunky appearance it is extremely comfortable to wear - Even with the bracelet, and I'm not much of a bracelet person. Plus Seiko...
I'm gonna put the call put again for any reviews of the Lip non-Tallon reissue watches, such as this one: http://twistedtime.com/lip-type-18-churchill-chrome.html If they're decently made they would make excellent choices for a CBD watch. Anybody?
Hey! Don't knock Wabisabi!
Re Grand Seiko; I'm considering one. Either the Snowflake or the SBGA073. I think the big problem with GS is that so many models look like each other or have the most subtle of differences. I do like the overall design cues. For me the big attractant would be the Spring Drive. I don't see buying any of the conventional escapment models vs. say an Aqua Terra. I really like the Spring Drive. My Landmaster gains less than a second a day and its power reserve lets me manage...
I like it, but I also recall a comedy program where they profiled the project and interviewed two "residents" who had box-shaped heads...
Me too. I was a big fan of the Icebreaker Kent Polo, have a bunch of them, but Icebreaker went with a new design which seems to be the worst of both worlds.
 Probably the best looking new Rolex available, but I wish it were 40mm.
 You could get a nice vintage Omega in that price range.  http://www.ebay.com/sch/Wristwatches-/31387/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=omega&LH_BIN=1&_udlo=500&_udhi=1000 As for new:     
 The color scheme is great here, but I don't care for the lines of the coat. It's like a blazer trying to be a peacoat. Also, consider transitions lenses as the whole glasses peeping out of the pocket is affected.  This is tremendous, but I didn't think of it as casual until I saw the patch pockets. I would do chestnut shoes, and perhaps wear a knit or slubby silk tie.
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