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You guys jest, but there really is a Canadian takeover going on. Look at the Examiner/Guardian/Weekly, and new management at MTA. All the consultants for the new command center are Canadians from Alcatel. I hear Rob Ford is moving here to become the official greeter.
I actually have a couple pairs of Mallees. I wear them most days now that it's cold here, but not with suits. Used to have a pair or Stockyards. I think they'd be a bit too "luggy" for this application.
There's a difference between crass elitism and the pursuit of good taste. Additionally, there is such a thing as "good elitism" in the social context, usually hand in hand with noblesse oblige and differentiated from classism. The trick is to ensure that neither elitism nor populism completely rules the day. The meat troll at the Google protest is an example of an elitist posing as a populist posing as an elitist. Rather like a Georgia Minstrel, but less entertaining...
I like this.
I like this, actually.
Mumford and Sons?
I never get any ads.
Ordinarily I would agree, but I need traction for these. They may have to double as a light hiking boot.
Anyone got a pair of Baxter Patrols? Looking for a travel boot a bit more affordable/replaceable than my RMWs, something that wouldn't look too out of place with a suit but could also be used for scrambling in a pinch, and better looking and better made than Blundstone 062s.
New Posts  All Forums: