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Ordinarily I would agree, but I need traction for these. They may have to double as a light hiking boot.
Anyone got a pair of Baxter Patrols? Looking for a travel boot a bit more affordable/replaceable than my RMWs, something that wouldn't look too out of place with a suit but could also be used for scrambling in a pinch, and better looking and better made than Blundstone 062s.
Unless he's a member of Devo, creepy.
http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/found-the-rolex-sir-edmund-hillary-wore-to-the-peak-of-mount-everest-live-pics-details I'd love to see Rolex or Tudor do a new version of this.
Levitation Bands. Phillipe Halsman Wept.
Also, not to dig in further, but a laser is probably not a great idea for a carry gun.
I've shot plenty of J frames, more than a few .380s, and a few (full size) plastimatics. In general my beef with the .380 is that more often than not pistols chambered for it are simple blowback, but the cartridge is just powerful enough to give you the worst of both worlds: sharp recoil, and not enough velocity to expand a JHP. Which is why Crane mentioned the hot wadcutter load. Now maybe this new bodyguard has a locked breech. Some folks are being clever with pocket...
I forget, are we supposed to be keeping score here? I was merely stating my preference. No need to take it personally. I prefer the old Bodyguard. It's a classic piece and has more throw weight in the bargain. I think it's kinda precious for S&W to name one of their new plastimatics after it. I'm also not a big fan of pocket carry, just like I'm not a big fan of off body carry. If you have to do those things, fine. But they are not optimal carry methods, and if you aren't...
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