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Omg. Just went though his channel. Horrifying. Straight out of J G Ballard.
http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2013/09/the-young-breaking-bad-fan-who-died-of-cancer-contributed-a-plot-to-sundays-episode/Assuming that it's simply the ultimate fan service, you could be right. Nevertheless it would be satisfying to see Walt tank Gray Matter as a sort of coda after killing off the Aryans.I think people are forgetting that while Walt has certainly Broken Bad, he still has a code. He has no reason to kill the Schwartzes. He does see a reason to kill off their...
With regards to the GMT, I would ask why even take it off? If the watch is regularly serviced it should be watertight and easily survive a session of washing dishes.
Well you could, but I suspect collectors would make more of a distinction. Plus the description of first of the entire dial, with the radial orientation of the hour markers. So really only the Pelagos could be called a "new Snowflake". I suspect something of an antipathy among some Tudor collectors to the Black Bay in the first place, as it has such a melange of homage features.
As far as Tudors go, "Snowflake" refers to Submariners made in the 60s and 70s, such as this one:
All that chrome needs darker wall treatments and furnishings to go with it. And the fan and chimney are too much. The staircase and railings cry out for a 70's Deco revival vibe, but with the chimney and fan you're looking at all red vinyl bucket seats and tail fins. That's not a home, it's a kitsch diner.
Since Droog really does sell stuff, I suspect it's real for someone willing to pay for it.
Back to basics.
Seems to me that any meaningful revenge against the Schwartzes would involve tanking their stock price rather than killing them.
Always wondered what the Aquanaut would look like with a strap. Looks good.
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