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Beautiful watch.Happy Christmas, Everyone.
Actually it should be HR (Hadley Roma) Alligator. The Sharknado store is out of HD Alligators. I'll post pics when the strap arrives.
After going through a bunch of leather NATO straps I've decided to put an HD alligator on my Sub and leave it. I've come to the conclusion that leather NATO straps just don't work. The thick ones look ridiculous, and won't work on many watches, certainly not a Sub. I must say it does not work very well for the Seamaster above either. Meanwhile, Leather thin enough for a decent looking NATO strap simply won't last over time.
This sucks.
Today it's more like this:   https://medium.com/the-division-bell-1/75e7ae08ee10  
Something tells me that anyone so concerned about maximizing his lunch hour probably can't afford that watch.    Bit of a paradox, isn't it?
Huhwha? My mistake, I was thinking of the SARB03X series. Those are basically Poor Man's GSs. They're nice, but this is nicer!
Perhaps, but the design is a direct derivative from Grand Seiko, while the Blue Spark is in its own class.
    found a better one
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