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I've have very good luck with Hadley-Roma straps.
The basic 103 is a great watch. The Ti models, not so much. Welcome to the acrylic fetishists legion!
Soooo... there will be funds burning a hole in my pocket soon. What should I get?        
I've thought about getting a Senator. Would've liked the Sixties Pano Date but it's huge. 
He mentions Swatch, Patek and IWC in the article, but his expectations of the Explorer are based upon his familiarity with Trinity level pieces.
In Australia perhaps.
There's humor in some of these.
The Original piece was too difficult to acquire, and the script was adapted to "contemporary" sensibilities? Shocking.
Like a bad penny, the specter of Walt Odets reappears.Walt is a well known clinical psychologist from the Bay Area, and I believe he grew tired of the watch collecting hobby. He was comparing Rolex workmanship to much finer Marques, and some consider it an unfair comparison.
New Posts  All Forums: