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Yes. He wrote that song about short people. I was also under the impression that he preferred Los Angeles.
Some owners have had the links brushed; this one is on a Sub bracelet, not my pic.
That would explain a lot. Carriage return BTW, I've started using TweetDeck again and find that there is no more iOS TweetDeck app. Any recommendations for success or Apple app?
In all fairness, there is a rail mounted on the wall.
The new phones seem to be paler over all. The Space Gray is really more of a light gunmetal color.
Street House 10 MacKenzie Avenue, Toronto Constructed 1908 William Langton, Architect Renovated 2013 by gh3 Partners http://www.archdaily.com/552891/street-house-gh3/
This really looks like a still from an Avengers episode. Aren't the boots causing the trouser issue?
Sugarbutch shoots and scores! The Naruse house is interesting in that it seems to be open to the neighborhood but walls off the street, but why so many surveillance cams on one wall?
Personally I'd go with replacing the strap as it looks like it would overwhelm the watch head. Parmigiani is ranked by many as close to the trinity in quality. It's a beautiful, fine piece, enjoy it in good health!
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