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Personally I think the cracklage adds character. But you could walk over to the Seiko forum at Watchuseek and look at the mod threads to see if you can cop a replacement insert.
Dtk: Avoid designer watches. Look for watches that are made by companies that are known for making watches; preferably, that make only watches. Start from there.
Don't get me wrong, I love the watch. I just get morose when I drink.
I should just never ask for advice. I never end up taking it, and everyone just think I'm an ingrate.
Very much agree with this. The IWC Mark series was supposed to be a continuation of the watch model that was issued to RAF and later BOAC pilots in the forties and fifties. The arrow and bar hands are a key component of the design. Then they made the change over to German style sword hands. Probably a reaction to the brief popularity of B-Uhr homage pieces. Dumb.
I don't know, I kinda like the redirects. They remind me to update my apps.
I've have very good luck with Hadley-Roma straps.
The basic 103 is a great watch. The Ti models, not so much. Welcome to the acrylic fetishists legion!
Soooo... there will be funds burning a hole in my pocket soon. What should I get?        
I've thought about getting a Senator. Would've liked the Sixties Pano Date but it's huge. 
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