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That strap put the Black Bay in a new light. It look like it was made for it, as opposed to the odd choice it comes with.   About Montblanc: they were able to develop a design language for their writing tools that sells well, but they are dated today. I wonder what made them go into watches. Are they made in Switzerland or Germany? I heard the former, which s also odd as it's a German company and there are great watches coming out of Germany. Everything about this move...
Yes, you are.
 Nailed it. 
Ehh; I'd be concerned about someone getting traumatically bisected when they stand in one of those doorways while the magic shell is moving.
If you want a 40 mm Datejust buy a Grand Seiko. They look better, and are finished better. The DJs look cheap now with their polished case tops and center links. The new Explorer's hands are too small. The Subs' lugs are too big. The Explorer II looks great, but is too big. The GMTs have those awful polished center link bracelets. With all the effort Rolex put into the bracelets lately, why didn't they come up with a solid link update to the Jubilee bracelet? Okay, I'll...
Yep. The OP, new SD and Explorer II are the only current Rolies that don't look "off" in some way.
Don, having a build similar to yours I avoid horizontally striped shirts entirely. I'm not sure anyone, regardless of build, can get away with bold horizontal stripes worn with vertical stripes. The shoes are awful.
Some folks miss the challenge of improvising within problematic spaces, so they create their own. Along the south English coast it's become a fad of sorts to convert Martello towers (napoleonic era coastal artillery forts) into houses. Over here coastal artillery forts get converted into wine storage. They did make one in Hawaii into a fairly decent museum.
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