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Back to posting Rollies again, I see...  
I had no idea Terry Richardson was a sock model.
All the more reason to herald the arrival of the Platinum Coke GMT IIc...
    I think the Sub goes with a suit so long as it's one of the previous editions with the slimmer case, and you put it on a strap rather than bracelet. Then again, I'm dovetailing my taste to my personal habits and circumstances with that one. The YM pro is definitely a technical watch, albeit one for a very rarified niche. The standard YM is basically a pimped out take on a Diver for folks who want it. In some ways, the case curves of the YM are more interesting than...
I've not tried Yosemite yet, but did just get the new MBP Retina. The difference in performance is insane. Plus smaller and lighter. Thinking of dumping the iPad.
Time to shake things up, then  
I'll just leave this here for now. You can all appraise it when you've finished clucking.
Both the coat and the trousers are way too tight. It doesn't make sense to me that he's not wearing socks when he's wearing obviously heavier clothing. The whole thing looks like a caricature. 
Frankly, despite what you say, I'm still unsure.
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