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Ha ha! A spring drive with the power reserve going in the right direction.
I'd wear my Speedy today, but I can't stop wearing this. Totally violates most my rules, too.   
While we like to think otherwise, I've come to the conclusion that you can't escape the marketing image when assessing a watch. I realize that it's cockeyed on a technical level but it's also unavoidable.    You can appreciate the aesthetic and technical aspects of a Daytona, but if you choose to do so you'll have to deal with the baggage of its association with mafiosi and celebrity culture. With a Speedy, you get astronauts instead. 
Now this is cool!
Been enjoying Long Way Round and Long Way Down. Motorcycle travelogues with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.
If you like cliche and verbal abuse, sure.
And the obsession with Spring Drive continues...
Gotta assume you got an eBay account with good feedback. Tell him your username and have him message you via eBay. Otherwise, post more on WUS, or offer to wire payment. PayPal apparently does auto review for high value transfers now, and this seems to "spook" some sellers.
Not sure any clarity can be provided by the martinet, SB.   It's a shame Skinny edited his comments. Yes, a client may want more than what they can afford, or they want to "make their mark" on the process which should really be that of the architect. But there should be at least some insight and empathy on the architect's part.    Which makes me wonder - what would happen if SH, once he finally grows up, got a commission to design a building for the ultimate in...
It's a bad replica of the RAF Irvin. You can tell by the slash pockets, the originals will not have any. Many manufacturers would take the replica B3 patterns, change the color of the sheepskin, add a belt, and call it an Irvin. There are a number of firms that make good replicas. An original Irvin will be too expensive, probably too small, and too delicate to wear.
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