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Fascist Faeces? Kackwurst?
I'm starting to wonder if they hang people from that atrium.
The Ox is indeed very cool, and I wonder why Papa Bears actually cost more now. But this one has too much patina for my taste. 
I think if there's an issue with the Tehran house it's the duplicative loft space. How many interior balconies do you need? Do people wave at each other across the atrium? 
Hmm. Along these lines, I'm going to go out on a limb.   I've been looking at these. Right now I don't have any German watches in my collection, so...   http://www.glashuette-original.com/collection/the-4-pillars/detail/seventies-panorama-date   /
I bet Mr. Moo has big wrists, meaning that the Speedy will look more than appropriate on him with most any outfit apart from black tie. Between that and it's history and appeal, it's a keeper.
Which brings up another issue which comes up when you pay for a repro designed to be sold at a lower cost: less consistent sourcing of materials.
There are some very high quality quartz movements, notably in Grand Seiko and the Citizen Chronomaster ranges. A Grand Seiko Quartz will have a movement with a metal base, a level of finish comparable to a fine mechanical movement, and a sealed gear pack with metal parts ensuring a long service life. Accuracy will be under 1 second per day. Cae sizes in the men's lines range from 37 to 41mm, and there are ladies models at 26mm. Downside is the relatively short battery...
 There's a LARP for that. Surprised folks here didn't know that already.
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