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Excellent! Welcome to the GS club.
Have a walk down Edgware Road then, and revel in the sight of hookah smokers shivering in the cold sidewalk seats due to the indoor smoking laws. i think the real question is how soon do the Chinese and Russians catch up...
True, the really good ones seem to approach 7, at which point another month or quarter of scrimping will get you a BLNR. Also, given the BLNR isn't often in stock at ADs it's practically a layaway item anyway. Pay the deposit, and save up in the meantime. (Insert idle complaint about the blingy Daytona style bracelet here)
I dunno. If I were in tricky's shoes I might consider a 16710, especially a Pepsi if I could get a good deal on it.
Apologies for the triple post earlier. It's gotten to the point for me where I no longer champion brands. I've found myself fascinated by too many individual models, If I were to pare myself down to three watches, I'd try to limit it to one Japanese, one German, and one Swiss. One would be a dress watch, one a diver, and one a chron, with one of the three having a GMT function. Ideally, I'd want all three to have in-house movements. And this is the sticking point - I...
I've thought about the X-33, always liked the idea of it, but I've yet to see in the wild pics of one...
Looks like Maison Takuya has a finer grain for their calf leather cases this year. Must be shrinking it more.
They make fake Sea-Gulls? How does that even pencil?
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