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 So we should wait for the $60K Platinum Coke GMT. With matte grey dial. Sharing of TWAT knowledge: always elemental, never remedial!
Yeah, it is. But it's one thing to wear a sports watch the price of a used car, and another to wear one the price of a new car. I guess one question is scratches - is it all white gold, or an alloy?
And now I'm being hit with pop ups in this thread for some reason.
I did flag the post. I thought it might be helpful to show what this spam looked like. Not sure why it necessitates name calling.
 Get the Dynamic Flex boots.   No. Dynamic Flex is the answer here.   These are beautiful. I may have to MTO a pair of Dynamic Flax in this color if it's doable.
Lumibrite/Luminova is more than good enough for everyday wear. The tritium gas tubes present a problem in that they're a gimmick that becomes a selling point for the watch, but basically start to dim out after ten or so years. As noted they can also break. And since they're restricted to certain shapes they limit dial design. Meanwhile I have a CWC SBS with Tritium paste markers that still glows pretty well after a decade. AND a Seiko 7C43 with Promethium markers from...
You might wanna check into the lifespan of tritium gas tubes, they're only about 12 years. But I've always wondered is whether or not these manufacturers that are selling high-end watches with tritium tubes will offer to replace them.
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