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Right down to Jan Brady with a TEC 9. Jeez.I was going to recommend Big Bad Wolves as a film along these lines, but it got dropped off.
It was a nice summery day today, in a not so summery city, so I decided to go minimal today. This one has a more interesting history than anything else.
Was just in the Wristwatch thread and this happened:       All controls get blocked apart from the OK button on the scam dialog. You have to quit and restart, and QUICKLY close the tab before the dialog appears again to get out of it.
RIP. His Kilin chair is quite possibly the best iteration of the Spanish sling chair. Still available from the original manufacturer, and at a reasonable price.
 Actually they are faux blued, but that pic doesn't show it well. Orients are always "off" in some way, which adds to their charm.
Hey, Don't Knock Plexi! It's got an appeal of its own...
Given that there were pics of other women on his phone as well, I suspect he's in for a good dumping.  Also I must say after seeing the pics that he's a bit sick. There's like porno level stuff in there, and why on earth would a same man do that stuff with someone he knows he's going to see again? Plus, er, um, selfies that he's got no grounds to be proud of.
I wouldn't if I were you. You might end up in prison.
Borrowed from the Watchuseek forum. Pardon the Engrish...  
Because I find it interesting.   Because it's a fairly important and unique Brutalist building. Like some other Brutalist residential projects, it reflects the society around it, and it's undergone a revival of sorts.    This thread is about architecture, which encompasses more than just "Dreamhouses for Douchebags."
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