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Naive cynicism is boring.
 I'd hate to try and read that Patek with 65-year-old eyes. It looks daunting to make out to my eyes now. Plus if you can really afford either, you can afford both. The Pepsi is such an obvious bauble I'm not sure why I'm defending it, but I am.
The net is deep and angled. It would be extremely difficult for someone to get out it of without assistance. http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Steel-net-preferred-for-halting-bridge-jumpers-3203305.php
They could be creepy with the right socks.
Is that the expanding bracelet?
Actually the more I think about it, the fact that the Omega has both polished center links and antiqued lume is a bit much. One can always remove the bracelet or have the center links polished, though. It's a bit of a shame because otherwise it's a really great design.
 As is usual with Omega, there's supposed to be several different configurations of this watch. Hopefully they will have one with real lume, on a rubber strap. One can only hope.
Why not just call Uncle Leland?
Great priorities there, bud. Have a nice day.
Wow. Fuck off, Troll.
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