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Ah hell. I forgot the Tom of Finland pics...
Choosing btw the white and black Ex2 dials is hard. On one hand, the white dial makes it look huge. On the other hand the white gold plots and hands on the black one just look wrong to me. I'd like to see the floating hands accent on the white version or blued (or unframed) plots and matte or white hands on the black one.
Supreme Gold TWAT Commander!
 Fair enough. So why DON'T you dig for stuff to post here? Isn't that the whole point of the thread?
I think the usual advice - buy the seller, not the watch - applies to both eBay and forums. Had about the same rate of success both places. 
A porous white gold case to vitiate the need for a helium valve! Genius! Rolex finally makes a gas diver without a valve, catching up with Seiko...  
When lefty posted the video about the Sonoma compound for whatever reason I thought of 115 TelHi Boulevard - a lot right on the access road to Coit Tower near the top of Telegraph Hill that has remained unbuilt for years.    Turns out somebody is building on it, got the project approved, and it looks pretty good. Hopefully the THD crones all die of a massive stroke when it's...
Truth be told it would be envisioned better with an El Primero or Rolex calibre and with the subdials in the right place, but my Photoshop skills are, well, nil. If they weren't I'd be posting pics of a rebadged Pelagos with Mercedes hands, etc.
I will go further than that. I will say that the late Tudor big block chronograph is what the current Daytona should look like, and that the 1980s Tudor 38mm jumbo date is what the Datejust should look like.
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